Inexpensive Ideas for Bathroom Remodeling

A bathroom can be a significant investment, but there are inexpensive ideas for bathroom remodeling you can make to achieve a dramatic result without breaking the bank. Whether you want to update your shower curtain or replace the toilet, we have plenty of great ideas for inexpensive ways to tune up your bathroom in San Jose, CA!

We’ve put together this list in order from cheapest to most expensive, so use it as a guide if you’re looking for an easy way to spruce up the place.

Ideas For Inexpensive Bathroom Remodeling

1. Paint Your Bathroom

Most bathroom makeovers are considered complete when the walls and ceiling are painted. This is because paint instantly creates an improved look at a low cost. A fresh coat of paint has the effect of making a room appear cleaner and brighter and can instantly jazz up a space without a lot of effort.

Consider painting a vast, dramatic piece of art on your bathroom wall to make your small space appear larger and more enjoyable. Bold colors are fun and effective at bringing a neglected area up to date.

There’s no need to go overboard with the color palette, though, as many projects can be created with one or two shades of paint. The choice is entirely up to you!

Woman painting the bathroom

2. New Lighting Fixtures

One of the quickest and least expensive ways to update a bathroom is changing the lighting fixtures. A simple bulb change can transform the appearance of a room, and it’s an easy and cheap way to add ambiance to your bathroom.

The best way to find cheap lighting ideas is to visit your local home improvement store. They’re often willing to match your existing lighting fixtures with a cost-effective replacement; in fact, many will even give you a few options for change-out.

3. Upgrade the Basin with a Marble Towel Bar

A tub or shower can look great with the addition of a stylish towel bar, and this idea is especially effective if you’re planning a remodel and are tight on space. A marble towel rack looks fantastic, and it serves as an inexpensive and functional update.

You can always use the services of bathroom remodeling contractors in San Jose, CA, to install the towel bar for you. The benefit of hiring professionals is that they will do a much better job than you can, and they will often guarantee the installation for a more extended period.

Towel Bar

4. Replace the Toilet

The bathroom is one of the essential rooms in your home, and it should be treated as such. The toilet is almost always overlooked during renovations, but it’s one of the most important fixtures in your home!

One of the most inexpensive ways to update your bathroom is by replacing old fixtures with new ones. Consider changing out old toilets for an updated model; many companies offer a variety of styles and features that make each new model an exciting upgrade over your old toilet.

5. Replace All Old Vanity Cabinets with an efficient model

While old cabinets are usually a great place to store all your items, they also add unnecessary clutter. They can be in the way of your overall bathroom remodel plan.

Consider replacing every old vanity cabinet in your bathroom with an efficient, modern version that keeps everything contained. A new vanity cabinet will add contemporary appeal to your new bathroom without disrupting the room’s design, and it’s a cost-efficient way to update your space.

Bathroom vanity cabinet

6. Install a New Bathtub

The bathtub is one of the essential parts of any bathroom, and it can be challenging to choose the correct option. There are several styles in the market, and the best way to select one that works for you is to take some time and do some research.

A new bathtub adds a dramatic centerpiece to your space while also adding tremendous value to your home. A new bathtub will make your bathroom look better, work better, and feel better! Not too bad for an inexpensive remodeling idea!

7. Add Features That Improve Functionality

Upgrading your bathroom means more than just remodeling it on the outside—it also means improving its functionality. Adding in a few small items will make your bathroom more versatile and practical, but it’s an inexpensive way to add valuable features to your bathroom.

Consider installing shelving if you want to put some of your old toiletries in a basket or on a shelf. If you’re going to replace that old mirror with something brighter or sleeker or add storage space for larger items, there are plenty of great options out there!

bathroom shelving

8. Upgrade the Shower with an LED Light Fixture

The shower is the centerpiece of your home’s bathroom remodeling; it’s by far the most important fixture in the room. If you’re looking to give your shower a little more pizzazz, consider installing a new light fixture that is both functional and stylish.

These fixtures are extremely energy efficient and use very little water while providing a better lighting experience than any prior fixtures you may have had. They not only add a nice touch to your bathroom but also help to keep it sanitary!

General tips 

When you’re planning a bathroom remodel, there are a few ideas that you should keep in mind as you make decisions and decide what works best for your space. This will ensure that your remodel is effective and efficient.

  • Plan your project before you start.
  • Consider your budget and only spend what you can spare. Also, remember that small projects can be easier to finish than larger ones.
  • Be sure to choose the right company for the job. Some companies charge more simply because they know how to do it better than you could learn how (and provide a warranty). It is important to choose a contractor that you feel comfortable with and take care of all your concerns during the process.
  • There are many affordable options for finding a toilet-to-countertop remodeling option in San Jose, CA. Ensure that you understand the service provided and included in the costing. Some companies may satisfy your needs, while others may not. Ensure that you choose a company that offers free quotes for sanitary toilets and replacement parts for your existing cabinets.

Following these tips will help you take your bathroom to a whole new level! Remember that they’re only suggestions; you should research and find a contractor that can match your needs.

Woman standing in bathroom


A bathroom remodeling is a must if you want to stay updated with current trends and maintain an up-to-date, modern home. A new bathroom can be designed to fit your specific needs, giving you the flexibility to choose just how you want the space arranged.

Many people consider their bathrooms to reflect their personalities—they reflect who they are and what they enjoy doing. We hope that we have passed along some inexpensive ideas for bathroom remodeling that will help you remodel your bathroom decently!

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