Starting An Indoor Herb Garden: A Quick and Easy Guide

One of the tastiest parts of homesteading is growing your own food! Whether it be in an outdoor garden or an indoor herb garden, you will be able to eat fresh food and herbs throughout the year.

An outdoor homesteading garden allows you to grow all of the fruits and veggies you need without all of the harmful chemicals found in lots of store-bought food outside of your home.

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Kitchen herb gardens are the best because they can live throughout the whole year, even the cold winter months where most plants have a difficult growing time. The best part is that fresh herbs taste a lot different from the dried herbs normally available at the store, so it’s a win-win!

If you keep your herb garden close or in your kitchen, then you also have the convenience of picking off the herbs when you’re cooking! This ensures maximum freshness.

You also have the satisfaction of enjoying the food you took care of from beginning to end. The colder seasons make it difficult to keep this up, but thankfully there are some veggies we can grow indoors and other solutions to keeping a good supply of fresh food in your home. Since the holiday season is coming up, why don’t you consider keeping an indoor herb garden?

Free Ideas for Starting an Indoor Herb Garden

Today, we have an in-depth indoor herb garden guide from ProFlowers so you can get a better idea about starting your own indoor herb garden! There are tips below for the best herbs to grow indoors and a styling guide to give you ideas for hanging and arranging your garden. Take a look to see how you can put together your ultimate indoor herb garden guide in time for the holidays!

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Other Indoor Herb Garden Ideas

The preceding information from Pro Flowers offers a great deal of information on many herbs and even how and why to plant them. But there are many other herbs you may not have considered.

Do some research and look up the information about lesser-known herbs such as:

Final Thoughts on Starting an Indoor Herb Garden

Now you have everything you need to start your own indoor herb garden in your home. Will you grow all of the herbs above? Some of the things to consider when planting an herb garden include lightning, soil, and water. Sometimes these are an issue when planting indoors. There are many products on the market to help you.

You can order an upright stand to place your herbs on, complete with a grow light. There are mini “greenhouses” you can purchase to grow herbs in. There are individual grow lights, as well as other incidentals you can order. All of these can make your indoor herb garden easier to maintain. Regardless of how you start your indoor herb garden, you will definitely enjoy the benefits of having one year-round.

Share your experiences with growing an indoor herb garden in the comments below so others can learn from your experiences. And feel free to link an image too!

For a great E-book packed with information on herb gardening from growing to harvesting and even using your herbs, check out my newest e-book, Herbs 101: Herb Gardening and Preserving for the Beginner.

For more information on growing herbs see Herbs on the Homestead: An Introduction, and Preserving Herbs for new ways to keep your herbs for year-round use. Also, check out The Farm Wife‘s post, Growing Herbs Indoors.

An indoor herb garden is a wonderful way to enjoy fresh herbs all year.


  1. Thank you for sharing about indoor gardens on the Homestead Blog Hop! I personally like the indoor herb garden idea. Mine tend to get leggy after awhile, though, if I grow them inside

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