How To Create An Indoor Garden In A Tiny House

The ability to grow fresh food in one’s home isn’t restricted to large spaces or greenhouses. In fact, there are a number of clever home growing ideas that work particularly well for an indoor garden in a tiny house or other small spaces.


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How To Create An Indoor Garden In A Tiny House


But what is a tiny house?

A tiny house built either on wheels or a foundation is typically no bigger than 500 square feet and focuses on simple living. Particularly in a tiny house on wheels, planting indoors or in a portable container is important because traditional gardening methods aren’t always possible when moving from place to place. Growing food indoors also allows you to enjoy fresh veggies and herbs all year round! Not to mention, it’s also ideal for an off-grid, sustainable tiny home. Let’s take a look at the different ways you can grow an indoor garden.


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Window Gardening

It only takes a few small containers to create a decorative and functional indoor garden right on your windowsill. Plant herbs like basil or mint that are easy-to-reach whenever you want to use them in your cooking. If you’re feeling extra creative, install a rod across the window so your plants can hang and receive maximum sunlight.


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Sounds cute, doesn’t it? The easiest way to grow your own food only takes a jar and some sunlight. Grow things like alfalfa, bean, and lentil sprouts for a great addition to any meal. More sprouting jars means more food for you!


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If you have fish for pets, you can use them as another unique way to grow a tiny house indoor garden. Plants can actually feed off of fish waste, while the fish feed off the roots of the plants. A system of tubes connected to the fish tank can circulate the nutrition that both the fish and the plants need.


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Pallet Garden

Repurposing an old pallet is a great way to create a rustic-looking vertical indoor garden. As pallets are often free, making a new one each time you move shouldn’t be an issue. You can always put the pallet garden inside your tiny house if you’re moving and can’t stand to part with it!

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Gutter Garden

Similar to pallet gardening, gutter gardening allows for plants to grow vertically and look aesthetically pleasing while doing it. Attaching the rows of gutters to the exterior wall of your tiny home is a great space-saving option. By tilting the gutters at a slight angle, you create a trickle-down effect that distributes the water more efficiently. Lettuce and other leafy greens thrive in gutter gardens!


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Container Plants

A traditional, yet effective method of gardening is by putting your plants in a pot or container. Tomatoes grow well in pots, and you can add a few poles to help them grow vertically. Additionally, you can incorporate areas where you can add hanging plants–they look nice and are out of the way!


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Gardening inside a tiny house or small space is a great way to grow plants off-season, as well as to add some eco-friendly decor. While growing a large amount of food isn’t feasible in a tiny home, it certainly is possible to grow some fresh, organic additions to your everyday meals. By growing your own tiny house indoor garden, you’re sure to make the most out of your small space!



Whether you’re looking to purify the air or simply include a pop of greenery in your kitchen, a plant is a perfect addition. Depending on if you have little natural light or you lack sufficient counter space, there are plenty of options to keep your kitchen feeling fresh.

Plants such as the ZZ plant require less sunlight and upkeep if you lack a green thumb. Or, if you have plenty of light pouring into your kitchen and enjoy caring for your plant friend, a fiddle leaf fig makes a gorgeous statement. You can also have your kitchen plant be a fun decor piece by hanging it from a macrame holder or a ceramic pot.

To help you narrow down your choices, Kitchen Cabinet Kings breaks down the 11 best plants for your kitchen in the visual below. From an English ivy to a peace lily, you’re bound to find the perfect plant fit for you and your culinary space.


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Do you have other tiny house gardening ideas? Let us know in the comments below!


Gardening inside a tiny house or small space is a great way to grow plants off-season, as well as to add some eco-friendly decor.





  1. What a cute article! And I love tiny houses! These are great ideas for small house living. And even if you’re in a regular sized home, these ideas definitely still work.

    1. Thanks Heidi! I love my tiny house! I’m glad you liked the post!

  2. I’m so in love with tiny houses! Of course with five kids, most houses feel tiny lately. :D Love these ideas for how to include a garden!

    1. Tiny houses are wonderful! I love mine! It is the best move I ever made!

  3. There are all terrific, and I like the gutter garden idea the best. We did that a few years ago when we lived in a rental and I attached the gutter between two fence posts. It was easy to take with us when we moved.

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