How To Increase Curb Appeal With Simple Landscaping

First impressions are important, especially when it comes to your home. What do passers-by think when they see the outside of your home? Do you know how to increase curb appeal for your home?

Landscaping your lawn or yard transforms it into a beautiful, functional space. Whether your goal is to enhance your home’s curb appeal to attract buyers or to just make your neighbors green with envy, landscaping can help you achieve it.

Some homeowners may shy away from landscaping due to the effort and expense involved. However, it doesn’t have to be difficult or costly. Here are some simple, inexpensive ways you can turn your yard or homestead into a beautiful, vibrant space.

Budget friendly backyard landscaping

How To Increase Curb Appeal With Simple Landscaping

Build a Gravel Path

To keep your vegetable and herb gardens from becoming trampled, install a garden path using gravel. Rocks in Utah are plentiful, but some other states and countries may not have this option. While you can build a path using more expensive types of rock such as sandstone and flagstone, gravel is ideal for those who are trying to stay on budget.

Pavers make a great gardening path.

Gravel comes in a wide range of colors and sizes. A path made of this material adds both functionality and beauty to any homestead. In addition, gravel paths require minimal maintenance. Because gravel moves, you won’t have to worry about it cracking in extreme temperatures like other materials such as pavers. And, of course, a gravel path is an awesome way to increase curb appeal.

Build Borders Around Your Herbs and Vegetable Gardens

Having a landscaped border will define your herb and vegetable gardens and flower beds. They help create prominent lines that separate them from your other plants and the rest of your lawn. While you can purchase cheap plastic borders from most hardware stores, you can also build your own, which can be a more attractive version, using smooth stones such as Mexican beach pebbles.

Stones and rocks are highly durable and resistant to the elements. This makes them ideal for building borders. However, you can use other natural materials such as seashells or sea glass to give your garden a unique look. Some gardeners even use wicker that has been treated or waterproofed to edge their flower beds.

A gravel border around a garden

When we have smaller trees that have been cut down on our property, I have Lance cut the narrower ones into 8 to 10-inch long pieces. Then I line all of those shorter logs upright around my gardens. It makes a natural border and costs us nothing. When the logs rot away we just replace them as needed.

All of the preceding ideas will help increase curb appeal on your homestead. Be creative and think outside the box. Use what you have.

Increase Curb Appeal with a Container Garden

If you have limited outdoor space, you can still increase curb appeal by using container gardening. Glazed, plastic, and plaster or terra cotta pots and planters can add a pop of color anywhere they’re placed. As an added bonus, they still look pretty, even when your plants are not in bloom.

You can mount small pots planted with flowers or herbs on fences or window ledges or place planters on your porch. You can also arrange groups of containers in a variety of sizes beside walkways and stairways or on either side of your front door. The possibilities are endless.

Terra Cotta pots make for some great curb appeal

Decorate With Boulders

Incorporating boulders to your landscape creates texture and an interesting contrast with softer, organic elements like your plants and flowers. Light-colored rocks add brightness to dark, shady areas, while dark boulders complement minimalist, modern gardens.

Increase the curb appeal on your homestead with these simple, budget-friendly tips using natural materials.

Increasing your curb appeal doesn’t have to mean completely changing your entire yard or gardens and spending a fortune doing it. Many landscaping projects are inexpensive and take only a weekend to complete. With a few simple changes, you can transform your lawn or gardens into beautiful outdoor spaces that increase curb appeal and add value to your homestead.

Tell me what you are doing to increase the curb appeal on your homestead in the comments below.


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