Improving Homesteading Skills: How To Do It

Homesteaders are always improving and learning new skills. Improving homesteading skills is most important as you continue on your homesteading journey.

There are so many new things you will both want and need to learn. Some of these skills will come naturally for some. Other skills take time to learn.

They may even involve more resources and effort or even money. However, regardless of what skills you choose or need to learn, improving homesteading skills will always come in handy.

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Improving Homesteading Skills: How To Do It

3 Types of Skills

There are 3 types of skills; beginning, intermediate, and advanced. You don’t have to learn all of them. Some may not even pertain to what you need, some will.

If you are new, start at the beginning. Pick a few of the beginner skills and start finding resources to learn them. Once you accomplish these, Strat improving the intermediate homesteading skills.

In this way, you constantly are improving homesteading skills.

Beginner Homesteading Skills

These are the simplest homesteading skills. They are the ones that take the least amount of time and effort. They are common skills that many people already use within their homes already.

It’s okay if there are things on this list you don’t yet know how to do, just pick one or two and start learning them. Once you are proficient, continue improving the homesteading skills you have already learned.

Would you like a printable list of beginner homesteading skills? Download the free  Homesteader Skills and Resources PDF Workbook below and check off each skill as you learn it!

BeginnersHomesteadingSkills and Resources

Beginner Homesteading Skills:

These are only a few beginning skills.

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Intermediate Homesteading Skills

These are the next set of skills to learn when improving homesteading skills. They take a little more effort or work. Some of these skills might require more time and resources too. Again, learn one or two at a time.

Some of these may not be the types of skills you will need. Everyone’s needs and wants are different depending on your unique situation. Pick the skills that are right for you.

Intermediate Skills:

Again, these are just a sampling available when learning intermediate skills. Download the free Homesteading Skills and Resources PDF Workbook to see a more detailed list. .

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Advanced Homesteading Skills

These are the more complicated homesteading skills. They take the most time, resources, and/or effort. These skills are the “big boys”. 

Many of the skills listed in this category may require additional help. They may even cost more money to complete. These are the skills for the seasoned homesteader.

Be aware, even “newbie” homesteaders may need these skills early on. These are also the homesteading skills you will be constantly improving.

Advanced Skills:

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Closing Thoughts…

You are now equipped with a long list of skills from beginning all the way through the advanced. By learning these skills you will have a means of constantly improving your homesteading skills.

Take your time and don’t get overwhelmed! Learn one skill at a time as you feel the need to or have the spare time. Some may come easy and some may require you to find help.

Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither was any single homestead. Everything takes time and patience.

Download the free PDF Complete Homesteading Skills Workbook of all 3 sets of skills and a complete set of resources. Just click the link below and you will receive a master list of all 3 levels of skills and resources all in one workbook today! You can print it out and use it as a reference or a checklist!

Improving Homesteading Skills Workbook

BeginnersHomesteadingSkills and Resources

What homesteading skills do you want to start improving? Are their skills you think would benefit you that you can share? Let me know in the comments below.

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