Great Ideas for Your Basement (That’s Not a Laundry Room)

A basement is a fantastic perk for owners, but it is not treated in the way that it should. There are so many great ideas for your basement available that you may not have ever thought about.

While many people use a basement as a laundry room, there are so many options to transform a dark and dingy basement into something more wholesome and homely. Here are some ideas for you to consider for your basement remodeling project.


Great Ideas for Your Basement

An Entertainment Room

If your house is overrun with children and you need to give them somewhere to congregate, an extra living room is a fantastic option. You can use an extra space like this for so many different purposes.

As far as entertainment is concerned, you can install a TV and home theater system to keep children occupied on the weekends, but also it becomes the perfect intimate experience for everyone to sit down and snuggle together with a movie.

A Bar or Wine Cellar

Basements are naturally cooler. Take advantage of this climate by adding a wine cellar. Wine cellars need to be underground to preserve the wines. Take this opportunity to create your dream wine cellar. If you are not feeling this flush, turning it into a small bar and incorporating a snazzy drinks cabinet can be all you need to keep your alcohol below room temperature.

Bars and wine cellars are a great use of otherwise unused space and make great ideas for your basement remodeling project.

wine cellar

A Music Room

If you have members of the family that like to plug in the electric guitars and bash the drums, then this is one of the best ideas for your basement. You can soundproof the room so the music does not interrupt your daily duties, but you can also turn the basement into an ode to all things music. Hanging guitars up on the wall does not just help to reduce clutter, but it adds an interesting aesthetic to the space also.

A Home Gym

Need some more great ideas for your basement? How about using the space for physical activities? How about a great reason to take advantage of the cooler temperatures in the basement?

A home gym or a yoga room is a place where you can put as much workout equipment in as you want. The cooler temperatures mean that you will not break a sweat as you would in a normal gym environment, meaning you can go a little bit further and push for the burn.

If you are looking to diversify your workout regime, you could install a ballet barre, as well as a punching bag, or anything else you want!

Thinking of remodeling your basement? Here are some great ideas for your basement to try.

A Guest Room

Another of the greatest ideas for your basement is to advertise your basement on one of the many websites out there and make some money while you are at it. A guest room is a perfect option for people who do not know what to do with a basement.

As you can see, there are so many different ideas for your basement that you can turn it into anything you want. It is important before you start ripping out everything that you ensure the basement is safe and waterproof.

One of the big problems with a basement is that water, mold, and dirt can collect there. Take advantage of the most unused space in your home. And yes, you could turn it into a laundry room if you wanted to, but that’s just going for the obvious!

Please share with me in the comments below how have you transformed your basement.

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