6 Ideal Bedroom Lighting Ideas To Consider

Lighting a room can be a challenging but fun task. The wide range of installations, the endless design styles, choices, and brilliant hues captivate us. Yet, most homeowners find it challenging to master getting the ideal bedroom lighting fixture right.

So, if you are upgrading your bedroom space, consider choosing the right light fixtures, wall colors, buy new mattress or you can add toppers for sagging mattresses, among other things.

To get the lighting right, you need to understand the basics and the best way to combine it with the bedroom theme. Here are a few pointers to get you started in the right direction of choosing the ideal bedroom lighting. 

Size matters 

The size of the room is the first thing that defines the ideal bedroom lighting choices in your bedroom. The lighting fixtures you choose need to illuminate light in every corner of the room.

But, most people tend to place too many lights hoping the presence of this illumination will reflect the design planning. Yet, it does the opposite, and the room looks bright in one corner and other areas dim.

Even as sculptural additions, the chandeliers and pedants you choose should be proportional to the size of the room and the décor surrounding it. 

Bed with nightstands and lamps

Decorating with lighting fixtures 

Most homeowners make the mistake of placing aesthetics over ergonomics. Yes, a floor lamp or chandelier may look exquisite in a showroom and your bedroom space.

But, will it provide the proper illumination. How will it function with other layers of ideal bedroom lighting? Therefore, you should know at the core of all these, the right lights are what you need in your bedroom.

Thus, avoid thinking about decorating fixtures as the primary aspect. So, it is a win-win if you find a striking pendant of sparkling chandelier with the proper illumination. If you do not, consider the angles and intensity at work before you choose to add them to your room. 

Choose a style statement 

The ideal bedroom lighting should enhance and reflect the color and design theme you incorporated into your space. A bedroom with glamorous elements and a cascading chandelier as the ideal centerpiece is a good combination.

For those opting for a minimal theme, simple recessed lights with sleek scones are a perfect choice. Also, you can opt for sconces with a more traditional appearance to create a hotel room feel and vibe. 

Bedroom with appropriate lights when considering the ideal bedroom lighting

Innovative bedside fixtures 

In the last few years, ideal bedroom lighting has evolved. Now, it is more than the simple table lamps on each side of the bed, and sconces and exceptional pendant lights are newer and better.

The new additions free up space on your bedside tables, and you can opt to do away with tables too. Also, they are ideal for a small space. Choose innovative bedside fixtures that bring symmetry to the room.

Plus, do not do away with bedside tables completely, for these traditional designs are timeless methods, and they are tried and tested. 

A flood of color for ideal bedroom lighting

Be it the color of the bulb or lampshade, a minute change in the shade and hue can transform the bedroom instantly. The warm white lights bring a sense of calmness and serenity and are ideal for passionate evenings and nights.

Bright lighting makes the bedroom more alluring and elevates the grandeur. Use lampshades to alter the accent hue of the room if the backdrop is predominantly neutral. Also, to avoid worrying about wiring, consider the placement of fixtures plans concerning switches and sockets.

Plus, decorating our bedroom is all about enjoyably expressing your personality and the ideal bedroom lighting does just that.

Hanging lights next to bed that look like cages

Multiple layers of lighting 

There is no substitute for incorporating different layers of lighting that work together to offer the bedroom look you want. A bedroom with an elegant design includes various light types, and you cannot replace these with too many recessed lights to make up for the loss of task and accent lighting.

While task lighting offers focused illumination for specific nooks, ambient light defines the general aura of the room. Use accent lighting to highlight the feature you feel is the room’s focal point. It can be the bright artwork of a modern fireplace. All three types of light combine to make your bedroom stunning.

If you need help with your lighting, especially when it comes to designing for the space and installing them safely, it’s worth getting in touch with a trusted electrician. The professionalism and efficiency of a company like Mountain City Electric are well worth investing in.

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