Hurricane Irma 2017: Thoughts Before the Storm

Hurricane Irma is coming to Florida and they think she is coming in full force.

Living in Central Florida, we know to prepare for the hurricane, tropical storms, tornadoes, and flooding. But to be honest over the last ten years or so, we really haven’t had any real problems. We have had 60 to 70 mph winds, a lot of rain in a short time, and even a tornado within a few miles, but nothing major or worth moving out of Florida for.

Surely we prepare by stocking up on water, filling our cars with gas, and getting the generators ready, but usually, we get no real damage. This storm may remind us that we need to be better prepared, that we should appreciate what we have and maybe even teach us not to sweat the small things.


Preparing Ourselves for Hurricane Irma


Preparations for Hurrican Irma actually started for many Florida residents much earlier than the Florida government suggested. People were filling gas cans and buying water long before the panic set in. People stocked up on canned food and dried goods as evidenced by our local grocery stores.

I was already stocked up on food for myself, my daughters family and my parents as well. We did, however, have to get bottled water at the last minute from Sam’s Club. Luckily my son-in-law works there and was able to purchase 6 cases of water for us when most people couldn’t find water anywhere. We also filled all 10 of the 5-gallon bottles for our 3 water coolers in each of our houses.

I own a gas stove that runs on propane, a gas grill on propane, and 2 Coleman stoves if needed. We have well water in jugs to flush toilets with and clean up with in the case that we lose power.

I have a box of emergency candles ready in the case we lose power as I am certain we will. I also have the generator ready to go and gassed up. It seems we have taken all the precautions in the home.

We all have an emergency kit ready, complete with any medicine, clothing, shampoo, toothbrushes and any personal papers we may need. We, personally are prepared.


Preparing the Property for Hurricane Irma


We prepared the property as best as we could. All items like toys, bikes, plants, furniture and miscellaneous items have been brought in or secured down. The pig is in a crate inside the chicken coop as are the rabbits. The sheds are closed securely, the coop is boarded up, the trampoline and gazebos have been disassembled. The pool area has been cleared and everything seems to be secure.

We did board the windows of my parent’s house as well as my daughter’s house on one side to prevent debris from the street from being sent into the sides of their homes. My home is in the middle of a heavily wooded area. I usually don’t feel the winds but the trees snapping and breaking on top of my house are definitely a concern. Boarding the windows probably won’t help me much.

Our cars will be parked in the center of the field as falling trees and breaking limbs are a big concern around our houses. Other than a tornado coming through the cars should survive just fine.



Preparing for Possible Evacuations


With hurricanes come evacuations. So far none have been issued for Marion County where I live. However, if they do issue evacuations we will be going to the local elementary school. I hate the idea of staying with tons of people in a small area. However, you have to do what you have to do. My father is being closely monitored by the home health care people. They have already stated they will go to where ever he may be if he needs services.

Now we wait until we see what the hurricane will bring before we leave and go to a shelter.



The Reality of Hurricane Irma


Right now Hurricane Irma is a category 5. It is the biggest and most catastrophic hurricane so far in weather radar history. This hurricane is wider than the state of Florida. It carries with it the opportunity to provide extensive damage and death.

This hurricane is scary, not just for Florida but for the islands that are being hit as this post is being written and Georgia and the Carolinas also.

I know we could be on the verge of such horrific damage and possible threats to human life. It makes me think about life and the things we normally worry about.

Somehow the fact that one storm can completely eliminate everything we own in a matter of hours makes me more appreciative of the human side of life and less of the materialistic side. We worry so much about what we own and who has what and who is better. Why? Is it worth sweating it over material things? Things can be replaced, all things. People cannot. Maybe we should start appreciating each other more. Maybe we should be more thankful for our health and our freedom, and less worried about our new cars and fancy houses.

Preparing for a hurricane like Irma is scary. It makes one appreciate the less materialistic things in our lives.


Do you live in an area that could be affected by Hurricane Irma? Are you prepared? Prayers to all who may endure the terrible hurricane that I am sure will go down in history as the worst ever.


For more information on Hurrican Irma, go to the Weather Channel.

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