How To Protect Your Vacation Home: 4 Tips

If you have a second home that you use for vacations, then you will want to know that it is safe and secure when you are not there. You may go many seasons without being able to check in on it so you will want to protect your vacation home. Just like protecting your main home, you will want the peace-of-mind that it is being looked after while you are not there. Here are some suggestions that will protect your vacation home investment. 

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4 Tips for Protecting Your Vacation Home

Home Security System

The best way you can protect your vacation home from unwanted intruders is to put in place defenses that deter any break-ins. State of the art home security systems now means you can check on a house remotely with your smartphone or tablet device, and you can install multiple cameras that can be streamed to monitor any disturbance.

Consider using a reliable and trusted home security team, such as A home security team will quickly be able to identify any vulnerabilities and put steps in place to mitigate the risk. They will work with you to protect your vacation home and make sure it is monitored and will act swiftly at the first sign of trouble. 

A Local Friend

It is all very well having a good stock of storm supplies such as sandbags, but if you are not there to deploy them, they will not do much good. Try to find a friendly local who will look after you and help protect your vacation home and put out any defenses if bad weather is predicted. You could pay them a stipend for the service, or if you are friendly then the occasional gift to say thanks will be enough. It may be wise to leave a set of keys with them so they can inspect the property if there have been any break-ins reported in the vicinity. 


Do Not Leave Valuables

If you are leaving the property for a long time, do not leave valuables out on display. It may prove too tempting for a thief if they walk past the same window every day and see a laptop or computer proudly on display. If you do have to leave valuables behind, then consider getting a safe to store them in, or at the very least, leave them out of view. Try to keep blinds and curtains partially open to suggest signs of life, but do not leave windows fully exposed so a thief can easily inspect the property before getting inside. These are great measures to protect your vacation home.

Signpost Security

If you have a big front lawn with garden furniture or a bbq grill, then use padlocks to lock them in position or to each other. You may think this is a trivial measure that could be bypassed, but it is a clear signal to any ne’er-do-wells that you take security seriously, and you have thought about it. A burglar will be less likely to take a risk on a difficult property and will be more likely to pass your home over, looking for an easier target. Think about how a thief may view your home and ensure that when they glance at it, they already know how secure it is. 

Just like protecting your main home, you will want the peace-of-mind that it is being looked after while you are not there. Here are some suggestions that will protect your vacation home investment.

Taking the above steps to protect your vacation help can mean the difference between a relaxing place to get away and a stressful endeavor that is just asking for problems. Get that security system installed, enlist the watchful eyes of neighbors and friends nearby, hide those valuables, and post a security ign to deter potential thieves.

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  1. Great article, having a reliable security service provider near your vacation house will definitely ease up your stay on your vacation house.

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