How to Plan and Manage To Remodel Your Kitchen Successfully

The time you will take to remodel your kitchen will depend on its size and the changes you want to make. However, experts estimate that you need 6-8 weeks to modify a medium-sized kitchen. It will take even longer (about 10-12 weeks) if any structural work is involved, which usually excludes the planning and designing phases.

When you call professionals in, you are likely to have specific design ideas in mind that include new kitchen cabinets, see more on Best Online Cabinets for example. However, be prepared to be adaptable enough to accommodate new concepts on critical design elements of the project. Here is the best way to proceed.

Newly remodeled kitchen with dark floors

Make a Decision on the Kitchen Style You Want 

Before visiting a kitchen remodeling contractor, you should have a rough idea of the kitchen style you are interested in. There are various inspirations for styles you can choose from, depending on your preferences, including: 

  • Styles with contemporary inspiration, like vintage and retro kitchen ideas.
  • Styles with a traditional kitchen inspiration, like country kitchen, Victorian/Georgian kitchen, and farmhouse kitchen idea.

Thorough research and consultation with kitchen design experts would help you develop the most appropriate scheme for planning your kitchen space and style. 

Remodeling contractors

Finalize the Kitchen Plan 

Before you begin the project, ensure you have a well-thought-out plan regarding how your remodeled kitchen should look. The more your kitchen is customized according to your lifestyle, the better it will serve you for a long time.

Choose what you want in the kitchen and figure out whether it can fit into your current remodeling plan. Think of other activities besides cooking. For instance, would you like your kitchen to have a work or social area? Also consider any doors from your kitchen to other rooms of the home.

Get experienced kitchen remodeling experts to advise you and even supply you with drawings of your final design. It will help you to visualize your renovated space fully. Also, choose the necessary fittings and finishes, such as worktops, cabinets from Lovech (or another supplier), lighting, appliances, flooring, tiles, and splashback.

Get Your Kitchen Measurements Right 

Before you meet your kitchen remodeling contractor, arm yourself with all the necessary measurements, from the position of doors and windows to the floor plan. It would also help to check out the state of your floors and walls since any corrective works may change the dimensions of your space. A second measurement by a different individual will ensure you get the dimensions right.

Kitchen remodeling plan

Choose the right time of the year to begin the remodeling work

The ideal time to begin your kitchen remodeling is in early spring. Such timing will ensure the significant disruption of normal operations in your kitchen happens in late spring or early summer. Around this time, you are assured of more daylight hours. Also, cold suppers and outdoor barbecues will not be such a bad idea. 

Set a Budget and Timeline for the Remodeling 

After deciding on your design and practical requirements for the project, do the following:

  • Break down the project into specific tasks with precise deadlines and allocate a budget for each.
  • Ensure you consider the lead time for the fixtures and fittings that will go into the remodeling.
  • Don’t forget to allocate an extra amount for any unforeseen changes you might need to make during your project. 

Finalize Your New Kitchen Design 

Get experienced kitchen remodeling experts to advise you and even supply you with drawings of your final design. It will help you to visualize your renovated space fully. Also, choose the necessary fittings and finishes, such as worktops, cabinets, lighting, appliances, flooring, tiles, and splashback.

Hire a Trusted Kitchen Remodeling Contractor 

Getting at least three different estimates and knowing people from relevant professional organizations will offer you more security if something goes wrong. Most importantly, the contractor you hire must be qualified and experienced.

Kitchen remodeling contractor

Put In Place Alternative Measures Before the Remodeling Begins 

When doing a major kitchen renovation project, you will still need to eat cooked food at home. Make arrangements with your contractor to put together a temporary kitchen for you. It should have a worktop, microwave, kitchen sink, electric hob, and fridge. Store away most of your kitchen wares to reduce clutter during the remodeling. Remain with only essential cooking pots, cutlery, and crockery.

Closely Monitor the Project Once the Works Commence 

While it might be tempting to go away for a couple of weeks, as the remodeling takes place, it is advisable to stay around and keep a close eye on the project. You might need to make critical decisions as the work progresses. 

Working with contractor

Pay For the Remodeling Job

The payment plan is a crucial part of your kitchen remodeling project. You will have to agree on the payment terms and timelines in advance. In most cases, you will make a down payment at the beginning of the project. The advance payment should not exceed a quarter of the project’s total cost. 


Since your kitchen is one of the areas of your house where you spend a considerable amount of time, giving it a facelift is always a good idea. However, a good kitchen remodel doesn’t come cheap. Therefore, you must be prepared financially before starting the remodeling process. You may also consider going for a home improvement loan. 

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