How to Pick and Style Small Accent Chairs

Accent chairs are increasing in popularity thanks to their versatility. Unlike lounge chairs, the substantially smaller accent chairs are flexible and can transform a space into an eye-catching focal point. Not only this, but they provide additional seating options and work as decorative designs. Since they come in different styles and designs, let us show you how to buy and style one. 

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Determine the type

Accent chairs are single-seat chairs rarely used as a standard seating option. There are different styles, including armchairs, slipper chairs, wingback chairs, chaise lounges, ottomans, and tub chairs.

You can check out options at 1825 Interiors. Each has a different appearance and function; hence, you must determine the type you want to be based on features and function. 

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Consider the color scheme 

After determining the type of accent chair you want, you can proceed to the color scheme. Do you want to make a statement or complement your interior scheme? Do you want something eye-catching or a subtle color that won’t look out of place?

We recommend you assess the room’s color palette and pick a color that already features in the space for a cohesive appearance. Alternatively, you can mix and match colors for a bold contrast. 

Consider the material 

Accent chairs are not designed for heavy usage. Regardless, you must pay attention to the material. If you have pets or kids, we recommend you avoid non-friendly pet hair fabrics or the ones that are hard to clean. Instead of wool, buy leather. 

Leather chair

Mix and match dining table chairs 

Use a couple of accents at the head of your dining table by mixing them with other dining chairs to create a beautiful style. 

Replace the foyer bench with an accent chair 

Instead of placing a bench in entryways, use an accent chair, especially if you don’t have enough space for a full bench. 

Add it to your office space 

Accent chairs don’t swivel. However, one or two can transform your office into a stylish space. You can tuck it away in a corner designated for relaxation or at the center of your office.

If you want to use the accent chair as an office chair, we recommend you measure the desk before buying to ensure comfort. 

Home office

Buy chairs with open arms and round curves 

If you have a small space, armless accent chairs make the room feel more open by creating space for more sunlight. Another alternative is to buy chairs with rounded corners, as the curves create an illusion of a more spacious room. 

Match the color with the rest of your space 

If you’re decorating with these chairs, match them with the existing color palette to add charm to your space. Ensure the fabric pairs with the rest of the room and that textures complement existing furniture and cushions. Also, buy the right size to prevent your space from looking off-balance. 


Accent chairs are the little miracles of the furniture world. The addictions can greatly impact the appearance and feel of your home. Try one today. 

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