How To Make Your Garden Great

Are you ready to learn how to make your garden great?

When people ask why homesteading is a good idea, and what the benefits are of living in a country home, then I usually list a few of the things I like most about it. One of the biggest reasons for living in the country is that you tend to end up with lots of garden space.

You have enough room for a large back and front garden area. This is usually far bigger than any city or urban home you can find. This is brilliant as it means you have plenty of space to play with, and you can try out loads of different gardening ideas. If you’ve got a few ideas together that you could consider calling a ‘garden overhaul’, then it might be worth looking into hiring landscapers in Chesterfield (or elsewhere more relevant for you) in order to get the job done. Using professionals with years of experience in various outdoor projects will reduce the time and mess produced by making the changes, it will also reduce any risk of injury from doing all the manual labor yourself.

In this post, I will mainly be talking to anyone that lives in a charming country home and has a beautiful open garden area. Today, we’ll look at how to make your garden great.

Sure, it may seem nice already, but I have plenty of ideas that will elevate it to the next level.

make your garden great

How To Make Your Garden Great

Build A Fence/Wall

Lots of gardens tend to be quite open in the countryside. It’s not like in urban areas where houses are crammed close together, meaning every garden is automatically fenced off or separated by walls. Instead, you usually have an open area of greenery that you can use however you like.

My first idea to take yours to a new level is to simply install fencing or a wall around the outside of your garden space. This is a great way to make your garden great!

Why? There are two reasons for this. The first is a bit of added privacy, and second, some additional aesthetic appeal. You can find some really gorgeous fence or wall designs that can really bring your whole home together as one.

Particularly if you match it up with the design of your nice country home as well. It can add more color to your garden, and just give it more identity. By fencing it off, it almost signifies that this is your garden, rather than just some grass on your land.

Also, it helps prevent other wildlife from getting into your garden and ruining it. Neighboring sheep or local rabbits/foxes may often wander into your yard if it remains open, which means you have to deal with droppings, possible holes from them digging, and so on.

make your garden great

Install A Pond/Water Garden

Remember how I started this article talking about the benefits of living in a country home? Well, another thing I love is that you can have plenty of animals.

Homesteading generally means you have a farm of sorts so you can bring in a variety of livestock. Now, why don’t you take this to a new level by bringing some wildlife into your garden, in the form of some fish? Install a pond in your garden.

You will have something that focuses on a centerpiece while also allowing you to have some nice pet fish. If you have enough space and want to take this to another level, then think about a water garden.

There’s loads of information you can read online about fish ponds, water gardens, and so on. You will have something that focuses on a centerpiece while also allowing you to have some nice pet fish.

If you have enough space and want to take this to another level, then think about a water garden. If this seems a little ambitious on your own, you could always look for a professional landscaper like Landscape Design Services Waukesha or similar in your area, to do the work for you. 

It’s well worth reading up on this before you go ahead with the idea. Just to make sure you can afford it! If you can, then I definitely think it adds something special to your garden.

You can get lots of colorful fish that brighten up the place. You can even add in a waterfall or fountain to get that pleasant sound of running water. A pond or water garden will undoubtedly transform your garden area and bring a whole new dimension to the place. It also helps to make your garden great!

make your garden great

Start Growing Vegetables

A key part of living on a homestead is being able to provide for yourself and live a more sustainable life. As such, you can use your garden space to really live by this mantra and start growing your own food.

There are a couple of ways you can do this, but my favorite is to create an almost community garden type area in your garden. The Brits call them allotments, but this is pretty much just a section of land that’s dedicated to growing produce. Dig up the area you want to start your allotment, and then get planting.

Personally, I think this is better than just growing things randomly around your garden. It lets you contain everything in one space. It is another way to make your garden great. This means it’s easier to look after your vegetables.

Again, you could even build a separate fence around this patch of land to protect it from animals. For me, it’s a beautiful way of adding more freshness and color to your garden, along with more practicality as well. It also will make your garden look great.

You have your crops, you have your farm animals, and now you have your little garden area for growing fresh produce!

Plant Flowerbeds

Following on in a similar vein from the point before this, you should plant some flower beds in your garden space. Notice how I say flowerbeds instead of just flowers. Why? Because beds of flowers mean you can have loads of all the same flower creating a lovely block of color in your garden.

Flowers make your garden great. Combine multiple flowerbeds in the same garden, and you can almost create a work of art.

The way you plant these beds depends on the size and shape of your garden. They can make your garden look great around the outskirts near your fence.

Or they can also look good as big blocks in the middle, almost like a centerpiece. Either way, make sure you plant flowers that are in season and that look amazing.

They’ll complement your garden and ensure it has more vibrancy and life pumped into it. As a bonus, they help add to the smell of the garden. This means you can block out those classic homestead animal smells with some scented flowers.

make your garden great

With these ideas, you can elevate and make your garden great. There are a couple of running themes throughout; color, life, and privacy.

The best gardens are ones that feel nice and private, have lots of pretty colors, and create life. For me, I believe all these ideas will help you build a perfect garden for the perfect homestead.

Learn quick tips to make your homestead garden great.

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