How to Establish Your Home Workspace

The popularity of the remote working model is skyrocketing, with more and more wanting to resign from the traditional 5-to-9 and employers sending their employees home to work virtually. After all, establishing your home workspace has many benefits for both sides, including better work-life balance,  money-saving, and increased productivity and performance.

However, while working remotely, it would be best to have a dedicated space where you can peacefully complete your tasks without being distracted by what is happening around you. Start with choosing the right place where you will set up your workstation.

Then, you need to provide sufficient lighting, comfortable office furniture, the required equipment, and dedicated WI-FI. Do not forget to keep things organized with enough storage space and liven up your office with some plants.

Though there is comfort in working from home, it might be spoiled if you do not have an appropriate space. To ensure that you make the most of your home office, we have prepared some tips on how you should design it:

Home office desk with laptop


First and foremost, you need to decide where you will establish your home workspace. It can be in the corner of your living room or the spare bedroom. But you should choose a place that is private enough for you to focus on your job. 

You do not want to be distracted by what other family members are doing around the house. An open floor plan can lead to distractions and interruptions from other household members. It would be best if your home workspace is away from common areas like the kitchen or living room.

If you have a spare bedroom, then this is the best location for your workspace. You can also adapt your garage if you have such a possibility. But make sure to work on the heating and ventilation to create a suitable atmosphere.

home office in extra bedroom

Sufficient Lighting

Good lighting is crucial for any workspace, whether at home or in a traditional office. It doesn’t matter if it’s your living room or you’ll be investing in garage lighting. Be sure not to neglect this step. It would be best if you had a combination of natural and artificial light.

You can position your desk near a window to get natural light during the day. However, make sure that the monitor is not facing the window so it does not reflect the light. This makes it hard or impossible to see anything on your desktop. You can use curtains or blinds to control the amount of light coming in.

Then, supplement it with a desk lamp or floor lamp to brighten up your space when the sun sets. Ensure that the lighting does not strain your eyesight and that you can still see clearly when working.

home office by window

Comfortable Office Furniture

Once you have decided on the location of your home workspace, you need to start furnishing it with the appropriate office furniture. The desk is the most important piece of furniture in any workspace. It is where you will be spending most of your time. You should choose a desk of a comfortable height and has enough legroom.

Your chair should also be comfortable enough to allow you to sit for long periods without putting strain on your back or neck. In addition, make sure that your computer monitor is at eye level to avoid neck and eye strain. If you are using a laptop, invest in a laptop stand to raise it to the correct position.

workspace desk with ergonomic chair

The Required Equipment

Of course, you cannot work without the proper equipment. In terms of a computer, you can either use a desktop or laptop, depending on your preference. If you are doing a lot of video conferencing or online meetings, then you should also invest in a webcam and microphone. If you need to scan or fax documents, you should get each device or a printer with these functions.

You also need to ensure that you are connected to the Internet. A strong and reliable Wi-Fi connection is essential if you want to stay connected with your team and clients. Before setting up your home workspace, check the strength of your Wi-Fi signal. Consider investing in a booster if necessary.

Computer and modem

Enough Storage Space

Whether working from home or in a traditional office, you need enough storage space for your things. If you have too many things on your desk, you will get distracted and confused by the amount of stuff in front of you, which might slow down your performance. 

Since you will have to deal with both personal and job-related materials, it would be best if you have a filing cabinet or storage boxes to keep them organized. You can also invest in a desk with drawers and shelves. Alternatively, you might hang some floating shelves.

home office with storage

Liven Up Your Office With Plants

Plants are a great addition to any workspace. They can add life to your office and make it more welcoming and cheery, which can help you stay productive and motivated to do your job.

However, plants are not only good for decorating your workspace, but they also purify the air around you. They can also help reduce the eye strain caused by staring at a computer screen for several hours by introducing more greenery in your office space.

If you have a window, it would be best to put a potted plant there. Make sure that you keep the plants clean and well-watered. You might consider adding some colorful flowers to cheer up your office.

Home office with a plant

In Conclusion

While working from home has many benefits, it also poses some challenges. You might get distracted by what is going on in the house or simply be too comfortable to work. 

To avoid procrastinating, you need a dedicated workspace for your job activities. It can be in the corner of your living room or the spare bedroom, but you should choose a place that is private enough for you to focus on your job. You also need sufficient lighting, comfortable office furniture, and the required equipment for your workspace. 

With these tips, you can establish your own home office that will allow you to work more efficiently and effectively.

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