How Not to Panic When These Things Go Wrong in The Mornings

When you’re having one of “those” mornings where nothing seems to go your way, it can be very easy to build yourself up into a state of worry, anxiety, and upset. Even when the smallest inconvenience happens, it can have a knock-on effect over your entire day, so how do you keep calm and carry on? Of course, everyone always wants to start their day on the right foot, but there are ways to handle certain scenarios that are out of your control. With this in mind, here’s how not to panic so you can approach these negative starts to your morning should they ever happen to you!

1. Your Car Doesn’t Start

When you’ve got somewhere you need to be first thing in the morning such as a doctor’s appointment or school drop off, there is nothing more frustrating than your car not starting. Putting your key in the ignition and hearing no roar of the engine is a wholly disappointing feeling and can lead you into a stressed spiral.

If you’re going somewhere urgently, call a friend, grab a taxi or hop onto public transport so that you can get to where you need to be. You can schedule an appointment with a mechanic as soon as you get a spare moment in your busy day!

Keys in ignition of car

2. You Lock Yourself Out of the House

As the front door closes, you instantly experience a sinking feeling as you realize you’ve left your keys inside. Locking yourself out of the house only ever happens at the most inconvenient of times, and it can put a real dampener on your entire day.

When it comes to dealing with a home lockout, your best solution is to call upon a reliable locksmith who can get you back into your home quickly and safely. They’ll arrive promptly and have the skills to reunite you with your keys again in a flash. 

Child locked out of house

3. You Spill Your Coffee

You know your day is off to a rough start when you spill the entire contents of your coffee cup all over yourself or the kitchen floor. Now is not the time to dwell on an accident that couldn’t be prevented. Take a moment to clear it up, pour yourself a hot, fresh brew, and think positive thoughts for the day ahead!

Spilled cup of coffee on floor

4. You Can’t Find an Item of Clothing

The top or pair of jeans you’ve wanted to wear simply cannot be found anywhere in your closet or drawers. You’re not the only one to have a minor meltdown over a fashion emergency, but it shouldn’t ruin your entire day. Use your creativity and find a new outfit that makes you feel just as good. In the future, you can try to keep your super clothing organized so that you don’t fall short again!

Unfortunately, all of these scenarios will often be out of your control and they may put a slight dampener on your day. However, you can still have a positive day ahead as long as you are prepared to handle these unforeseen moments. Take a deep breath, deal with the logistics of the scenario and you’ll soon navigate your way through in no time!

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