7 Household Maintenance Jobs to Pay Attention to in Summer

Winter brings many problems when it’s cold. But there are also specific maintenance jobs to pay attention to in summer to avoid heat damage leading to expensive repairs.

House in the summer in the country

Ventilation and Cooling

The summer sun means for some days throughout, the heat is vastly increased. This means you will use your ventilation and cooling systems more often.

Using them more can put them through stress and can wear out components. Therefore it’s helpful to keep an eye on your ceiling floor fans and do some regular AC maintenance to avoid the worst issues.

Make sure your fans aren’t coming loose by checking the screws. Cleaning the fans and adding some lubricant can also help. Also, replace HVAC filters and clean parts that don’t need an expert.

AC maintenance

Jobs to Pay Attention to in Summer include Paintwork

Certain parts of your home’s exterior are exposed to the sun all day long. Because of this, they get the worst of the heat. And the heat can cause all kinds of issues. The paintwork is one of the most overlooked maintenance jobs. But the heat can cause it to peel and crack.

This can become unsightly and shoddy. But at the worst, degrading paint can contain toxic materials if breathed in. Fortunately, the summer is the best time to paint your house because the heat helps cure the finish better. So consider this one DIY job to get done while the sun provides what you need.

Painting the interior walls

The Windows and Glass Work

Glass often benefits from heat. However, older glasswork and windows can become loosened when caulking dries out and sustains damage. So, of course, the heat from the summer sun can make this worse.

Therefore, you can use the opportunity to go around your home and check for degrading sealant. And you can use off-the-shelf sealant to fill in any gaps, protecting your windows from the seasonal elements.

Additionally, you can make use of the sun’s bright light in summer by getting out and giving your windows a good old cleaning.

cleaning windows

Don’t Neglect Your Vehicles 

Unless you have a garage, your vehicles are left outside in direct sunlight. And direct sunlight can be harsh on your car’s interior and exterior. So you must take steps to help protect your vehicle as much as possible in summer. Here are some handy tips:

  • Park in a shady area but not under a tree (bird poop!).
  • Keep your interior cooler with a windshield sun protector.
  • Consider cooling seat covers.
  • Wax your vehicles with the appropriate products.
  • Keep the seats and dashboard clean.

It’s possible your car can reach excruciating temperatures of over 190 degrees Fahrenheit if exposed to summer heat for an extended period. And that kind of heat can cause damage to your vehicles. Additionally, it will likely pose a health risk to you, your family and your pets.

Cleaning the car

Masonry and Brickwork

Like glass, bricks and masonry can withstand the heat. But the materials used to keep them together will degrade over time. Cement dries out and expands from intense heat and can be damaged by heavy rain.

Both of which are common in summer. While you won’t need to assess new builds, inspecting your bricks and masonry every five to ten years is a good idea.

But no matter the age of your brickwork, you should use a cement and brickwork sealant to form a protective barrier. This isn’t typically applied when your house is built.

brick wall

Wooden Items are also Maintenance Jobs to Pay Attention to in Summer

If there’s one thing that becomes very annoying in summer, it’s wood. The extra heat makes wood expand, causing it to warp.

As a result, you will often find your wooden doors will be harder to open, or your expensive flooring can become a hazard. Unfortunately, there isn’t much you can do to prevent this.

However, controlling the moisture and heat around your home can help. A dry and cooler home will have minimal effect on the wooden items. You can also varnish your doors and flooring to help form a barrier that prevents excess moisture from getting inside.

wooden front door

Guttering and Drainage Systems

You might think you don’t need to check your drainage in summer. But summer often comes with torrential rain and storms.

And these can block your drains and guttering systems. Also, leaves and debris will dry inside your gutters, causing a hardened seal. Fortunately, all you need to do is quickly check for leaves and twigs.

Remove anything you can and check once a week. Additionally, always check your gutters before a storm if you know one is coming. And after a storm when it’s safe. This ensures minimal blockages.



There are numerous maintenance jobs to pay attention to in summer. These include your cooling systems, keeping your cars cool and preventing gutter and drainage blockages.

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