How to Maximize Your Household Appliances Lifespans

When you buy an appliance for your home, you obviously plan for it to make your life easier for as long as possible. Of course, you have your manual on how to connect everything, which usually also contains a couple of recommendations from the manufacturer.

But, every appliance can work better for longer if you remember to use some clever tips that would actually maximize its lifespan. Some of the most important household appliances include the refrigerator, oven, dishwasher, washing machine, and clothes dryer, which is why the focus will be on those when it comes to boosting their lifespan.

Please be aware when you cannot do the maintenance yourself or are in need of repairs that are beyond your skill level, it is most important to call for appliance repair from a local specialist.

Interested in what you can do? Then keep on reading.

How to Maximize Your Household Appliances Lifespans


The refrigerator is one of the most important household appliances. There are two main reasons for concern when it comes to a refrigerator’s efficiency: the gaskets and the coils.

The gasket is the strip, usually made of plastic, which creates a proper seal between the fridge and fridge doors. It’s very important to have completely functional gaskets if you want the refrigerator to cool properly. After all, if the seal is not tight, you’ll end up wasting energy and the products you have inside your fridge. In order to keep the gaskets elastic, make sure to wipe them clean every once in a while, and apply Vaseline in a thin layer.  

When it comes to coils, they can get lint and dust buildup, which can simply break the fridge or cause it to overheat. This is relatively easy to prevent as all you need to do is remove the kick plate and vacuum the coils periodically.

modern stainless steel refrigerator


Similarly to the refrigerator, gaskets are also the main point of concern when it comes to dishwashers. Actually, if the gasket on a dishwasher loses its watertight seal, this can cause the appliance to leak and not do the job of cleaning the dishes properly. Again, this is usually caused by dirt buildup on the gaskets which is why you should clean them regularly with water and soap. A dishwasher repair may require the assistance of a professional.

Furthermore, you have to be very careful with the dishwasher racks. Not many people know this until it’s too late but replacing the racks in a dishwasher can cost almost as much as buying a completely new appliance. That said, do your best to place your dishes gently, without damaging the coating on the racks.



The biggest problem with ovens and maximizing your household appliances lifespan is the cleaning process. Obviously, you have to clean the oven. However, certain cleaning agents are so abrasive that they can seriously damage the appliance.

Moreover, spraying the cleaning solution directly to the knobs can even break the appliance down. This is why it’s always better to opt for a warm water and vinegar solution when it comes to cleaning the oven. And, instead of spraying directly from the sprayer onto the knobs, spray or dampen the cloth first. Then proceed with cleaning. Don’t forget that ovens need to be paired with fire ducts so that all the smoke and odor are safely removed from your kitchen.

Close up of an electric oven.

Washing machine

If your goal is to keep your washing machine in proper working order for as long as possible, you really only have to remember one thing: don’t overload it! While this particular tip is rather simple, you’d be surprised at how many people ignore it; you may have even done so yourself when in a hurry. Unfortunately, overloading the washing machine can cause all sorts of problems with the appliance.

Not only does it use more energy, but the strain from one too many items of clothing on the washer’s motor, transmission, belts, etc. can end up damaging the appliance completely. What’s more, your clothes may get ruined as well. On the other hand, small loads won’t do your washing machine much good either as this can disturb the cycle balance. In that respect, try your best to wash full cycles – no more or less.

close up of someone starting a washing machine

Clothes dryer

The situation with clothes overloading is the same when the clothes dryer is concerned. As you can probably already guess, this can put too much strain on the appliance, thus minimizing its efficiency and increasing the risk of damage. Furthermore, more often than not, it’s enough to set the dryer for just 35 minutes. This is very important to learn as the usual default setting on clothes dryers is one whole hour.

Yet, you really don’t need to waste that energy or overtreat your clothes like that. Also, keep the dryer’s external vent cap clean; it’s usually located outside which is why lint, dust, and debris buildup is not uncommon. Ignoring to clean the cap regularly won’t only reduce the functionality and efficiency of the clothes dryer, but is also a potential fire hazard.

open clothes dryer with towel inside

Now that you know what to pay attention to in order to boost the lifespan of your major household appliances, it’s also essential to point out the importance of repairs and maintenance. If you notice something strange, like a noise or a leak, look into it as soon as possible.

Every appliance can work better for longer if you remember to use some clever tips that would actually maximize its lifespan. Interested in what you can do? Read on to learn more!

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