Getting Your House Ready For Spring

We’re coming into the time of year when the blossoms are on the trees, the sun seems to shine a little bit more and the air seems to warm up. Yes, we’re still wearing coats while we go out, but we can feel spring coming in through the air and that is a beautiful feeling when you are excited about summer. That means it is time for getting your house ready for spring.

Spring fever can hit you quite hard, and you suddenly notice the bumblebees, the butterflies, and the hummingbirds finally coming out. When the animals stop hibernating and your breath stops steaming in the air, you know that spring is coming which means you need to do what you can to start getting your home ready for spring. Winter is the cozy season, but spring is fresh which means that your home needs to freshen up. With that in mind, here are some of the things you can do to get your home ready for springtime.

House in spring with daffodils

Clean the Windows.

Nobody likes to do this job on their own. Hire a window cleaner to come to your home and get all of the external windows of your house cleaned up.

The battering of rain, snow, and ice over the winter months will have made your window streaky and messy. They don’t have to stay that way though. As long as you have screens in all your windows you can open up the windows on that first warm day.

Stop the flies from coming in. You can bet that flies will start coming to your windows as soon as the weather warms up. So make your house look and feel good and keep the flies away at the same time.

Swap out your Winter Gear.

If you’ve got the winter throws and the pillows on the couches and the beds, it’s time to swap these out for lighter spring duvets, blankets, and throws. There may still be a chill in the air in the evening. But you’ll find it far more comfortable and cozy during the day. Nobody wants to have heavy blankets draped over the back of the sofa when they’re trying to relax as the weather warms up.

Bedroom with summer blanket on bed

Bring Nature Inside.

If you want to truly embrace that springtime feeling, it’s time to bring some plants and flowers inside the house. Then, you can see them in all of their glory as they grow.

It’s an exciting time of year to see everything growing in the garden. But your house doesn’t have to be left out of that. Springtime is a time of renewal and growth. Make sure that you have things growing in your home.

Upgrade your Fragrances.

Sense of cookies and vanilla and cranberry are very common in the winter months. If you love scented candles, then it’s time to upgrade your senses. Start looking into spring fresh scents.

That means bringing in fridges and lemon, lavender and lilac, honeysuckle, and more. Whether you do this in the form of diffusers or you look at new candles, is completely up to you.

Candles in living room

Call the Gardener.

As we move into spring your backyard is going to need a freshen-up. Any weeds that may have been overgrown in the winter need to be cleaned back. Your lawn needs to be mowed.

Calling in a good landscaper or gardener to do this for you saves you time. You can get the expert’s touch on your garden to make it look fantastic and inviting as the spring sets in.

Final Thoughts on Getting your House Ready for Spring

Getting your house ready for spring will be easy when you follow the ideas presented above. What are you doing to get your house prepared for the new season?

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