House Hunting: 3 Essential Things Not To Forget

Are you house hunting your first home? A milestone moment and one of the most significant investments that you will likely ever make. Buying your first home can mark the beginning of a new chapter.

In the UK, the total of first-time buyers is on the rise. It was estimated that there were over 400,00 first-time buyers in the UK last year. A 35% rise compared to the 303,000 the previous year.

 House hunting for a Home for sale West Sussex is not a straightforward process.  It can be a time-consuming journey that does not always end the way you might have hoped. When house hunting, there are a few things that you can keep in mind to help with the process, and here are a few of them.

Seek Expert Advice When House Hunting

Finding a home that you can envision yourself living in is a wonderful feeling. You may not have spotted anything alarming from the outside and from what you have seen. However, many housing issues are easily undetectable when viewing a property. It is why investing in a house survey is essential. 

The results can highlight any issues within the property that will need addressing. Some of the problems might be urgent, whilst others will need addressing at some point. Using Letting Agents Portsmouth will allow you to have a professional agent walk you through the process, address any concerns, and help you finalize the deal in your best interests.

Any significant issues found could be used to negotiate the asking price. You could ask them to lower the price as you will be paying for the repairs or have the seller cover the maintenance cost. 

Couple and realtor looking at house

Picking A Solicitor

With expert advice for choosing a property, ensure that you know which conveyancing solicitor you will use when placing an offer. Selecting a great conveyancing solicitor, like Conveyancing Expert, could help to create a smooth transferring process.

They will provide support and guidance on handling contracts and offering legal advice. Knowing you have this support ready when you find a place could help with the process.

View It As A Blank Canvas

It is doubtful that the décor of the houses you view will match your taste. When viewing a property with bright colored walls or dark furniture, it is essential to view it as a blank canvas.

Look at the property’s potential to be transformed into your ideal space. Avoid letting the décor prevent you from finding your dream home when house hunting.

Decorating a home is a small price to pay, but it reaps the best rewards. It enables you to create a space that you love and reflects your personality. Many will often be put off by the interior design of a space. Instead, ensure that you view a property with an open mind about what is possible.

new home with no furniture in it

Consider The Location When House Hunting

The location of a property should be a factor that is as valued as which side the house is facing. For those house hunting with children, look at what schools are nearby. Are there any good schools, and if so, what is the catchment area children have to be in to attend?

If you are moving to a new location for work, consider the distance of the home from your place of work. If there is a long commute, decide if it is something that you will be happy doing twice every time you go to work. Also, if you use public transport, check what transport options are available and how frequent they operate.

Taking all of these factors into consideration when house hunting will help to ensure you select a great place. 

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