Care and Use of Hot Tubs in Florence KY

Enjoying a long soak in your hot tub may provide several advantages, provided that you maintain it, keep it clean, and maintain the proper chemical balance. In this post we will discuss the care and use of hot tubs in Florence KY.

Reduction of Stress

The most evident advantage of unwinding in your private spa is this. The stress of the day might disappear with your home spa. Stress relief on an emotional, mental, and bodily level may be facilitated by the warm water and the rubbing motion.

You may also add dim lighting, aromatherapy, and soothing music to enhance the experience. 

Relaxation of the Muscles

Tense and stiff muscles can be effectively relaxed and soothed by the warm water and the massage motion. As a result, all aches and pains are lessened. Taking a hot tub bath before working out may also help lower your chance of getting hurt.

Man relaxing in a hot tub

Enhanced Sleep

According to research, you might be able to fall asleep more peacefully just by relaxing in a hot tub. The ease of stress and water relaxation methods have been known to soothe sleep issues and help reduce waking caused by stress throughout the night.

Pain Reduction

Because a hot tub relaxes stiff muscles, tendons, and joints, it may be able to ease some forms of pain. In case you have arthritis, the heat and rubbing motion might perhaps reduce the pain-causing stiffness and inflammation. 

Moreover, the water relieves joint strain by supporting your body. This enhances range of motion and flexibility.

Improved Heart Health

Relaxing in a hot tub might cause your blood pressure to drop and your heart rate to decrease. It is evident that having a hot tub and using it regularly has several health advantages. But these advantages are only yours if you keep up with the maintenance and water treatment of your hot tub. 

Upkeep of Hot Tubs and Water Treatment

It’s essential to maintain your hot tub. Water treatment is equally crucial. Both will guarantee that your hot tub is bacterial-free and clean, resulting in a fun and safe hot tub experience. Visit for more spa upkeep information. 

Sanitizing, adjusting pH, performing shock treatments, plumbing, and repairs are some of the fundamental spa maintenance tasks that you must complete.

Hot tub being maintained. by a professional

Sanitizing Water

Using sanitizer is necessary to manage and stop microorganisms. Any germs that might be enjoying the soothing spa water will be eliminated if the water’s sanitizer level is kept at the proper level.

The two primary disinfectants are:

  • The most often used option is chlorine, as it works fast and is reasonably priced. Chlorine is available as pills or granules. 
  • As an alternative to chlorine, bromine is quite effective, although it works more slowly and is typically more costly.

The use of a salt system is the only alternative. This method produces active oxygen and chlorine from seawater. This efficiently destroys the bacterium. It also feels more natural after leaving the water and is more convenient.   

Water Balance in a Hot Tub

Owning a spa on your property requires you to do a very delicate balancing act. Maintaining the ideal pH level in the spa water is essential to preventing issues like scale accumulation, murky water, and irritation of the skin and eyes. Furthermore, the effectiveness of your sanitizer will be diminished. 

The pH range of 7.2 to 7.8 is optimal. Using pH test equipment or testing strips, you should check the pH level within your spa water on a regular basis.

Ph testing chemicals on side of hot tub

Treatments to Shock

It’s advised that you apply shock therapy once a week in addition to a sanitizer. The shock therapy accomplishes a number of goals, such as:

  • Breaks down impurities like sweat and dead skin
  • Eliminates bacteria
  • Eliminates organic substances  

Repairs and Plumbing

Maintaining your home spa on a regular basis will help you avoid needing repairs as much. But eventually, even with meticulous upkeep, your spa may require servicing or repairs. 

Minor problems should be easy for you to handle, but more complex difficulties will require the services of a qualified spa repair firm. 

Cleaning of a Hot Tub

One of the most important aspects of spa maintenance is cleaning. Scum is a frequent issue with outdoor and indoor bathtubs. If your spa is outside, you will also need to clear away any debris, leaves, or unwanted guests who could fall into the water. 

Hot tub cleaning is a fairly simple and quick procedure.  White vinegar ( and a sponge are used to clean the shell, jets, and any scum lines. A moderate bleach and water solution should work wonders for cleaning the cover of your spa. To help avoid mildew, ensure the exterior of the cover is thoroughly dry before replacing it.

Although selecting the right chemicals for your spa, maintaining it, and cleaning it may seem like a lot of work, the effort is well worth it. 

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