Hosting Outdoor Events In Cooler Months: Top Tips

Thanks to the coronavirus pandemic, many people have been looking for ways to continue hosting outdoor events even throughout the winter. It can be challenging to ensure the comfort of your guests for outdoor events in the cooler months, as we deal with rain, frosty temperatures, and even snow. 

Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to turn your garden into the perfect venue to host friends and family all year round. You may need to invest a little in the space and find the right furnishings and accessories to ensure your guests have the best possible time all year round. 

Hosting Outdoor Events

Fall table spread

Find A Suitable Firepit

Firepits are an excellent way to warm up your guests, whether on cold winter days or cooler summer evenings. It may help to find a smokeless firepit or use a chiminea to funnel the smoke away from your guests.

You should also ensure that the wood you use to fuel the firepit is dry, as wet wood can cause excess smoke. You can find great designer outdoor firepits with Alfred Riess at Botanex.

Invest In Plenty Of Blankets

It is an excellent idea to offer blankets to your guests to keep them warm and cozy. While a firepit or other heating solution can help keep the chill off, blankets will help warm guests sitting further away from the heat source. Keep multiple blankets in a basket outdoors for your guests to use when needed. 

You should look for blankets that are thick, soft, and offer the best in comfort. It’s best to choose blankets in darker colors for outdoor use, as they will show up staining less obviously. 

Outdoor blankets

Have Rain And Sun Cover

Having cover for your outdoor space can be the perfect way to keep your guests shaded from the sun and dry when it rains or snows. Awnings can be the ideal solution to keep your guests comfortable. You can get awnings that are waterproof, self-cleaning, and UV protective from Nationwide LTD, which can be ideal for use all year round. 

Set Some Mood Lighting

Good lighting is crucial for spending winter afternoons and evenings in your garden. While having bright floodlights can be a good option for security, it is important to use lighting to set the right mood for any events you host with friends and family. String lights can be a great option to offer a relaxed, cozy glow while you spend evenings around the firepit. You could also invest in solar-powered bollard lights to light up paths and stairs. 

Offer Seasonal Drinks

Consider offering warming seasonal drinks like mulled wine, hot cider, and hot chocolate to keep your guests warmed over the cold months. You could also consider serving dark beers, tea, and coffee to keep everyone warm and happy. 

 If you are thinking about hosting outdoor events this fall, use these tips to help you make it more successful!

Serve Warming Food

The menu you choose for your autumn or winter outdoor event can make all the difference to your guests’ enjoyment of the day. Consider serving foods that are easy to eat while wearing layers and will provide additional warming properties. Foods like hearty stews and soups and warm puddings can be the perfect way to top off an outdoor event.

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