Keeping a waste-free homestead

There are many reasons why people start on the journey of a homesteading life. There are some for whom the notion of self-sufficiency is a romantic antidote to the voracious consumerism that plagues the urban living. And there are yet more who are distrusting of intensive modern agriculture; genetically modifiedContinue Reading

4 homestead hacks

After reading ‘Effective Means of Making Money with your Property,’ the potential of a home should be easy to see. For more info, follow this link to see the article in full. It’s essential to start seeing a property for what it is: a money-maker. But, it’s also imperative thatContinue Reading

homestead resources

Homesteading resources are available everywhere. You can find videos, blog posts, infographics, worksheets, planners, e-books, and courses just to name a few. But sorting through all the information can be overwhelming! How do you know what is actually going to help you and what you should save for later?   HereContinue Reading