4 homestead hacks

After reading ‘Effective Means of Making Money with your Property,’ the potential of a home should be easy to see. For more info, follow this link to see the article in full. It’s essential to start seeing a property for what it is: a money-maker. But, it’s also imperative thatContinue Reading

homestead resources

Homesteading resources are available everywhere. You can find videos, blog posts, infographics, worksheets, planners, e-books, and courses just to name a few. But sorting through all the information can be overwhelming! How do you know what is actually going to help you and what you should save for later?   HereContinue Reading

Winter homestead preparations for the inside on the homestead.

Winter is coming. For some it is already here it seems. Everyone is talking about preparing your homestead for winter outside.  But what about winter homestead preparations on the inside. We prepare our gardens and land for winter but we also should prepare other areas like the barns, equipment sheds, animalContinue Reading