urban alternatives

When you’ve made your life in the countryside, it can be easy to rely on your home and the land around it to support you, as there will always be loads of it. Having this space available opens the doors for growing vegetables, composting, and loads of other traditional homesteadingContinue Reading

rural life

We all dream of rural life at some stage. What could beat waking up to the sight of rolling hills? Ahh, country life and it’s lures. Wouldn’t everything be better if you had unlimited access to land and fresh air? Sadly, rural options are rarely all blue skies. Most ofContinue Reading

bear-proof your property

There are certain areas of the world where the most threatening animal you’ll ever find on your property would be your neighbor’s pet cat. However, there are various areas where animals can pose a much greater worry. Bears, in particular, tend to be the four-legged creatures that the majority ofContinue Reading

new homesteader

When you’re starting up a homestead for the first time, chances are you want to live a more minimal life, which is a good aim to have. However, with increasing levels of self-sufficiency come several things that are vital to one’s success and one’s ability to live an easier life. IfContinue Reading