Raising Pigs on the Homestead

If you are thinking about raising pigs on your homestead you should learn everything you can before you purchase them. Pigs running amuck because they broke out of a pen and eating your entire vegetable garden is not the time to learn about what pigs need and want. Being well-preparedContinue Reading

Choosing rabbits for the homestead

More and more homesteads across the United States are choosing rabbits for their homesteads. Some are choosing rabbits as pets, some for the collecting of manure for gardening, some for meat and some for fiber.   Rabbits are very simple and inexpensive to keep. They don’t take up much space,Continue Reading

youtube homesteading channels

There is a wealth of information about homesteading on the internet these days. Unfortunately, most of the information is repetitive and simple. I have compiled a list of my top 5 YouTube homesteading channels that I feel excel over the others.   I chose these channels because I feel theyContinue Reading

my homesteading journey

My homesteading journey is a rough road traveled sometimes.   Sometimes it feels like there just isn’t enough hours in the day.   Some days on the homestead leave me feeling overwhelmed and tired, yet others leave me with a sense of satisfaction like nothing else can.   I runContinue Reading

20 Super Informative Homestead Resources You Should Know About

Homestead resources are available everywhere. Sometimes it is hard to filter through them all to find the best information. Homesteaders use resources for everything. They watch YouTube videos, read blog posts, look at Facebook and Twitter to see what others are doing. We spend countless hours on Pinterest in searchContinue Reading