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Not everyone is cut out for living in a city. The tall buildings feel suffocating and the constant rush of noise and light is overwhelming. The city isn’t for everyone and those who grow up in the countryside often cannot fathom why anyone would want to live somewhere that isContinue Reading

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No one wants to live a modern life anymore, people are running from the rat race in big cities,  and most of us are thinking of escaping. What better way to do it than through a homestead? Anything can happen when you’re off the grid, that’s why first-time homesteading familiesContinue Reading

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If you’re trying to become more self-sufficient on your homestead there are many ways to do so. Growing food, canning and preserving, and collecting rainwater are all means of gaining self-sufficiency. In this post, you will learn how you can start gaining self-sufficiency with animals on your homestead. If youContinue Reading

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A backup generator is your first line of defense against power outages. After all, outages entail risks, such as security threats, frozen pipes, flooded basement, and spoiled food. As a homeowner, these are the last things you will want to deal with. Fortunately, a backup generator can save you fromContinue Reading

profitable farming business

Farming is a very unpredictable business. It is subjected to several factors such as market demand fluctuations, weather changes, and changes in operational costs. That is why you need to have a resilient farm if you aim to have an equitable and profitable farming business in the long run.  YouContinue Reading

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Waste management can be a stress. It requires planning and discipline if you’re to succeed at it. It involves careful waste disposal methods and the right consumer mindset.  If you’re having trouble with your household waste, here’re some tips on how you can manage it better.  Better Waste Management 1.Continue Reading