Making candles at home can be a delightful and rewarding activity for anyone who loves crafting and creating a cozy ambiance. Crafting candles allows for a great deal of creativity and personalization. From choosing wax and fragrance oils to selecting decorative containers and adding unique touches. It’s a beautiful wayContinue Reading

A new baby in a basket

If you’re expecting a child, particularly your first one, you’re going to be wondering just what an impact it’s going to have on your life. You know it will impact you both mentally and physically and be a wonderful blessing. You also need to think of the practical elements thatContinue Reading

A farmhouse on empty land getting ready for homesteading

Getting ready for homesteading is an exciting venture that promises self-sufficiency, closer ties to nature, and a simpler lifestyle. However, getting ready for homesteading requires careful planning and preparation. Here are key steps to help you transition smoothly into homesteading. Research and Education Start with thorough research. Understanding what homesteadingContinue Reading


Dreaming of chucking city life to live off the land but worried you might need to win the lottery first? Don’t worry because, actually,  low-cost homesteading isn’t a myth; it’s as real as the dirt under your soon-to-be calloused hands. Let’s break down how you can turn acres of hopeContinue Reading

Farmhouse exterior

Your homestead is more than just a piece of property; it’s your sanctuary, your haven, your slice of paradise. But as life evolves and circumstances change, you may find yourself considering the next chapter of your journey. You can transform your homestead easily. Whether you’re looking to spruce up your spaceContinue Reading