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Agriculture is by far the oldest form of largescale business. Many people consider the beginning of civilization to have come with humans learning to farm. This activity has carried on into the modern world. Without farming, it would be impossible to feed large cities and keep people happy. Especially inContinue Reading

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Agribusinesses need to be careful right now. The price of inputs is going up as the cost of labor, energy and raw materials continue to rise. It’s not just the effect of the pandemic either. Many of the trends that we see today were already occurring before the crisis evenContinue Reading

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Nowadays, renewable energy is no longer difficult to access. It’s easier than ever before to find a sustainable power source that can be used for buildings, establishments, and households. Solar power is definitely the trend. Some homeowners are using sustainable means to power their homes. This is an excellent investmentContinue Reading

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Can you make a small farm profitable? The answer is yes! You’re just going to have to ask yourself what exactly you’re looking to produce. This might be hard if you don’t have a plan already in place or know much about how to farm. But all you have toContinue Reading

starting a homestead journey

What could be more beautiful than living so close to nature? Being able to feel the smell of fresh soil each morning, the sun rays infiltrating the beautiful delicate leaves of your crops—nothing could be more divine. And starting a homestead journey helps you afford all of that and more.Continue Reading

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The pandemic has changed the perspective towards life and money. If you see the silver lining, it can be the opportunity to save money as you stay at home. The lifestyle is the way of life right now, even as things seem to be inching towards the new normal. WhileContinue Reading

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If you often dream of living in a home that allows you to almost fully forget about the pains of dealing with large cities or gargantuan corporations suffocating homeowners with taxes and costs that seem to total the same price as your mortgage—then you are likely considering or are gettingContinue Reading