Getting Started Homesteading: Homesteading Tools

Welcome to the second post in the series “Getting Started Homesteading”.  Last week we talked about starting where you are. This week is all about homesteading tools.

You are probably thinking about shovels, hammers, and the like right? Well, homesteading tools are so much much more than that. Those tools are important, but there are many other tools you need. Let’s take a look at them in this post.

Getting Started: Homesteading Tools

Getting Started Homesteading: Homesteading Tools

Why We Need Homesteading Tools:

Homesteading is hard work. Anytime there is work involved there are always tools needed. Tools make the work easier, faster, or more efficient. Homesteading is the same way.

Most people think about tools and they assume we are always meaning things like shovels, hammers, screwdrivers, and the likes. However, with homesteading, we can split up the tools by the area in which we will be using them. And some of the tools we will talk about are probably tools you didn’t think of as tools at all.

Getting Started: Homesteading Tools

Homesteading Tools For The Garden

Garden tools include many options. Listed below is a short list of the most common gardening tools. Keep in mind, some of these may pertain to your situation and some may not. It’s okay if you don’t possess all of these tools. You can always save and purchase them one at a time as the need for them arises.

Keep in mind, you may not need any of these, or you may need them all. Each homestead situation is different. Some homesteads require more or bigger tools, like saws for cutting metal. This is true for homesteaders who own large properties.

Some homesteads only require small hand tools because the only gardening they do is in pots on the balcony of their apartment. Or maybe they don’t grow their own food and therefore don’t need the majority of the tools listed.

Getting Started: Homesteading Tools

  Common Gardening Tools:

pointed shovelloppersauger
flat shovelnippers/cutterssprayer
leaf rakehoepitchfork
hard rakerototillerspreader
hand clawmowerchainsaw

Homesteading Tools for the Kitchen

Tools for the kitchen can include appliances, both small and large, utensils, and any items that assist you in the day to day kitchen duties. Some tools are necessary like pots and pans. Some are not, for example, a dehydrator. Just as with gardening tools, these tools vary according to what you intend on doing.

If you will be canning food, mason jars, a water bath canner, and/or a pressure canner may be needed. Maybe you do a lot of frying, a deep fryer may be needed. If you make smoothies, a blender or food processor might be what you use.

As you can see, yet again, the tools depend on what tasks you will be performing in the kitchen. The good news…you probably have most of these.

Getting Started: Homesteading Tools

Some Common Kitchen Tools Include;

  • a mixer
  • food processor
  • deep fryer
  • cookie sheets/baking pans
  • bowls
  • measuring cups and spoons
  • various utensils
  • dishcloths
  • hot mitts
Getting Started Homesteading: Homesteading Tools

Homesteading Tools For The Home

Tools for the home may be a little less thought of on your part. However, these tools will be used again and again on your homesteading journey.

Of course, there are common tools like vacuums, dusters, brooms, and mops. However, there are other tools you may not have thought of.

These tools include things like a planner. Yes, you NEED a planner of some sort if you want to stay organized. This can be a wall calendar, a paper planner, or a digital planner. Many people use Google Calendar to plan their activities. I prefer a good old-fashioned paper planner. A planner allows you to track your tasks, plan a garden and so much more.

Getting Started Homesteading: Homesteading Tools

Other Tools For The Home Include;

  • a coupon organizer
  • checkbook or savings book
  • a budgeting system
  • chore list (for children or husband lol)
  • a homestead binder
  • small tool kit for repairs

Do you see how some of these homesteading tools may not have been things you thought of? I will describe their uses and why you need them in an upcoming post. For now, just keep them in mind.

Getting Started Homesteading: Homesteading Tools

Homesteading Tools For Your Animals

Will you be raising animals on your homestead? Maybe chickens, cows, goats, or rabbits? Well if you are going to have any animals, you need tools.

Again like all other areas of homesteading, the tools will vary based on the animals you choose to raise. For example, having horses in a barn will require the tools to clean stalls. It also includes tools for taking care of the horses themselves.

Having animals whose hooves need to be trimmed will require the tools to do so. Different animals require different needs. You will need to research the animals you choose to see what each requires.

Getting Started Homesteading: Homesteading Tools

Common Tools For Animals Include:

  • Feeders
  • Waterers
  • Fencing
  • Brushes
  • Bins to store feed
  • Hose to provide water
  • Common medicines (flea or worming meds)
  • Basic first aid kit

Remember, these are basics and you may require more for the animals you choose.

A Final Note…

This post has provided you with some basic homesteading tools you may need when you begin your homesteading journey. These are just basics, remember. These also may change according to what you choose to do on your homestead. Look at what you have already. You may be surprised at the number of homesteading tools you already possess.

Getting Started: Homesteading Tools


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Part 2 of the Getting Started Homesteading Series. Learn what homesteading tools are important to get started.

Have you started on your homesteading journey yet? What are you waiting for?

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