Homesteading Essentials You Must Have

The homesteading essentials you will need to make any homestead successful and run smoothly are probably not the physical items you are thinking about. In fact, none of these essentials are physical items at all, but are needed for all homesteads from the beginner to the pro!

Homesteading Essentials

Dreams and Passion

Dream BIg image

The first thing every homestead needs is for you to have a dream. That is where it all starts. It is the foundation that your entire homestead journey will be built on.

Of course, that dream will stem from your passions. That desire to want to do or have something so deeply you can feel it. It is something you feel so strongly compelled to do.

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When you take your dreams about homesteading and combine them with the passion you feel about homesteading, a journey is envisioned. The homesteading journey then begins.

Energy and Good Health

This woman is practicing a healthy lifestyle which is one of the homesteading essentials that are necessary.

Homesteading is a lot of hard work, long hours and can require some stress along the way. It means physical and mental challenges and at times hard labor.

To be able to handle all those long hours and hard work you need to keep your energy levels high. And that also means staying healthy. You have to be in decent physical shape, get plenty of sleep, and eat healthily.

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Self care is so important to homesteaders no matter where they are or how they homestead. This is especially true if you are “head” of your homestead as everyone will depend on you to “lead” them.

Take a good long look at your health and energy levels before you begin. If those areas are not where you need them to be, maybe it is time to put a lifestyle plan in place. Trust me and make the necessary changes before you begin homesteading. You will thank me for it later!

Time Management Skills

One of the homesteading essentials is having a plan. This woman is writing out a plan on paper.

Two of the most important homesteading essentials you will learn quickly are planning skills and how to be productive. Both are pertinent to a successful homestead journey.

Making a plan for your homestead is crucial. With a good plan, you will have a clear path to follow. Just as a business plan is necessary for a business to stay productive and successful, so is having a homesteading plan to a homestead.

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That physical plan on paper or in a planner will act as your guide. It will keep you being productive and help keep your focus on your priorities.

Budgeting Skills/Creativity

Having a budget of bills for the month is is one of the homesteading essentials

Having to solve problems in a creative way and learning to budget money is also very important to the success of every homestead. Both ensure that you are staying on a smart path.

Sometimes things happen that we have no control over when homesteading. During those times we have to use some creativity to create a new solution or to find a new route to take.

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And there will definitely be times that you will have unexpected expenses come up that you just aren’t ready for. This is where having a good budgeting system comes in. A good income and expense sheet should help with that.


PLan B

With homesteading comes change. Just when you think you have everything under control, something happens and it changes, It can be a subtle change or it can be life-changing. You have to be able to adapt to those sudden and unforeseen changes.

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There is nothing concrete and set in stone about homesteading plans. Animals get sick, accidents happen, weather causes havoc, and we do not get a warning when those things will happen. You must learn to adapt to a new situation. You must be prepared for emergencies.

Finding Resources for Homesteading Essentials

Definition of resources

Regardless of how and what happens during your homesteading journey, it helps to have a list of resources to refer to when things get tough. The following resources should help you make smart decisions, plan better and learn to budget too.

You may be surprised to find out what homesteading essentials you really need to have in place in order for your homestead to be successful. Find out what they are now. A long list of homesteading resources too!

Resources for Homesteading Essentials

The following resources should provide you enough information to start yourself on a good path using what you have learned about homesteading essentials. Read carefully through each one and take notes. Let me know if you have any questions.


  1. I found you at the Homestead Blog Hop. First, your place is gorgeous and I really enjoyed this article. More than that though, I got sucked into the article about going offgrid overnight! I now have to search the archives and find out “what happens next”. Lol! Have a great week!

    1. Author

      OH so much has happened since then! lol. I need to write a book!

  2. Though we live in a more urban area, I enjoyed your tips and insight – I look forward when we again will have a yard and garden and be able to put some of these ideas to use.
    Thanks for sharing this week at our Encouraging Hearts & Home blog hop!

    1. Author

      I have had to move from 15 acres to the city recently so I totally understand!

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