How To Crush Those Homesteading Doubts

Homesteading doubts…we all have them when we get started. We are human which makes us fear the unknown. Getting started homesteading is an unknown because we don’t know what to expect. When we have fear we tend to start doubting ourselves and our abilities. This is normal. However, to be successful at homesteading we have to learn how to crush those doubts.


Eliminating homesteading doubts isn’t easy. But with the right mindset and a few tips and tricks, you can eliminate doubt and be successful on your homesteading journey. Let’s look at some ways you can crush those homesteading doubts now.



How To Crush Those Homesteading Doubts



Be Realistic:


The biggest challenge to getting started homesteading is the overwhelm. Homesteaders tend to take on way to much at one time. They tend to want to do it all. When they become overwhelmed they start forming doubts about their abilities. This is normal, however, those doubts seem to grow. Eventually, doubt turns into feeling like a failure and nothing gets accomplished.


So how do you stop those homesteading doubts from popping up and taking over? The answer is simple. Don’t let overwhelm set in. No one can do everything all at once. Plan everything out. Decide what matters. Decide your priorities and work through them one at a time. If you need more help planning then check out Homestead Planning With A Planner for a good tutorial on planning out your goals and dreams.


Be realistic in your goal setting. Don’t expect to build a barn in 24 hours. That’s not realistic. Instead, break down your plans into smaller, doable chunks. See the resources section below to find more information on goal setting and planning.

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Make Time For Yourself:


Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither will your homestead. Even the Romans took breaks. You have to remember that YOU are important too. None of those big plans and goals can be accomplished if you are not well-rested and healthy. When we are well-rested, we think with a clearer mind. We are able to deal with potential problems sometimes before they surface. But that won’t happen if we are tired and not thinking clearly.


Homesteading doubts don’t just surface when we are tired either. Our health plays a vital role in how we see ourselves. If you aren’t healthy, you tend to see the negative side of situations. This also causes homesteading doubts.


The answer here is to eat healthily, get plenty of sleep and take care of our bodies. A healthy body promotes a healthy mind. A healthy mind isn’t a mind full of doubts. Another word, take some personal time.

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Give Yourself A Good Education: 


Sometimes when we are not educated enough on a particular topic we tend to doubt our abilities. Instead of letting a lack of knowledge or experience guide you, do the research first. You can easily eliminate a lot of future homesteading doubts by learning all you can.


If you are going to build a chicken coop educate yourself first. Find out what your chickens need and what housing requirements they have to have. The more you learn the more confident you will be. The more confident you are the less homesteading doubts will surface.

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Get Some Help:


Even with a lot of research and a healthy mindset, you still can’t do everything yourself. Trust me. I know firsthand. There are going to be things you just can’t do alone. Trying to accomplish these types of projects is the quickest way to start have doubts about yourself.


We all need help at one time or another. Eliminate those homesteading doubts by asking for help when you need it. If no help is available, move on to another project. If what you are trying to do has to be done immediately, figure out another way to do it. There is always another answer.

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A Final Word:


Homesteading doubts will happen. It’s inevitable. But we can control whether those doubts control us. With the right mindset, the ability to do research, getting help and taking care of yourself, you can eliminate those homesteading doubts once and for all.  Check out the resources below for more information on ways to eliminate those homesteading doubts.




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