Homesteading: Diy Or Get A Professional In?

One of the best things about homesteading is doing things yourself in and around the home. It’s not fast living. It’s the satisfaction that things are done in a conscious and honest way. If a fence needs erecting, you can do it yourself. If the barn requires sanding and painting, well roll up those sleeves. Thinking of raising some chickens for eggs, well time to build the coop!

Many things we take for granted in fast-paced city life, become more balanced decisions. You become a lot less results focused, and more concerned with the process. The beauty is that by honing that process, you sort of guarantee a better result anyway. Slowing down, put emphasis on process and continuously improving will enrich your life and all that share that with you.

DIY or get a professional

Homesteading: To Diy Or To Get A Professional In?


There are things you might not be able to do, but your neighbor or friend or acquaintance might. Trading services are part and parcel of homesteading as well. You might have a friend who is an ace at welding (perhaps even has the equipment to do so). But he might need a hand with painting his fence. Or that friend that has just an excess of eggs on a weekly basis who is mightily interested in that special strawberry jam you make.

Talking to people about what you need and what you have to give goes a long way.  You can always find a construction in which it works. Homesteading communities want to help each other because if one succeeds, they all succeed.


Between your own (budding) skills and trading goods and services with others, you can go far. But there will still be limitations in what you can (or should do).

Here are some of the things you want to hire a professional for.


  • Removing and installing a septic tank.

    The schematics seem straightforward enough: inlet, outlet, and a tank, but looks deceive. You might need a permit and have tests performed. And it’s hard labor that would benefit from having the right machinery. Shelling out some cash to get a professional might be best in the long run here.


  • Trimming or removing a tree.

    Most homesteads will come and nurture beautiful surroundings and the odd old tree here and there. “A tree is a tree is a tree” is the thinking in most cases, no care needed. But nothing could be further away from the truth. Trees need proper trimming and attention to keep them at their best. A tree service would be able to provide that service. Sometimes you will need a tree cleared due to damage. This is not the case of just taking a chainsaw and chopping it down, you need experts to do it properly.


  • Structural, electric and gas work around the house.

    These jobs need to be done by a professional. Painting a wall is fine, but debating to knock down an internal wall might require a closer inspection. Especially foundation work is critical and essential enough to pay a professional for. And the risk of electric or gas fires must be enough to make sensible choices around


Sometimes while homesteading we must make the choice of using a professional to get the job done or we simple DIY. Which do you prefer? Would you rather DIY or get a professional?



DIY or get a professional

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