Making a Vision Board for your Homestead

making a vision board

Have you ever heard of a vision board? It is a visual representation of the goals and dreams you wish to achieve for your homesteading journey. It’s a way of seeing where you are going and what you wish to attain in order to set goals and plan.

Every homesteader will tell you how important it is to have goals and a written plan before you start on your homestead journey. Starting with a vision board is a great way to express those dreams. Later you can transform those dreams into goals, those goals into plans, and plans into reality. See, Getting Started Homesteading to read how I first planned out what I was going to do.

Making a vision board is a great idea especially if you are a visual person. It hangs in a place that will be seen often to remind you to stay on track.

Vision boards can be made for many things. I know a lot of people who have vision boards hanging on their office wall to remind them of their life plan or 10-year goals. Some people make them for their businesses. Others make them for their bucket list. Today we are going to learn how to make a vision board for your homestead.

Making a Vision Board: The Why

Everyone has dreams. Homesteaders seem to have many dreams about what they want from their homestead. This is where the vision board comes into play.

Everything you dream of having on your homestead can and should be represented on your vision board. Do you want a huge farmhouse? Put it on your vision board. How about chickens and goats? Put them on there. What other things do you dream of? A barn, silo, a big tractor, vegetable gardens…put them on the vision board.

making a vision board for your homestead

If you need some inspiration for things that you may want I suggest searching Pinterest boards for homesteading ideas. Sometimes seeing something sparks an idea or a dream. Another option is to search google images.

Once you can represent all those things you dream of, you have a constant reminder of what it is you are working towards. You can look at it and see what you need to set a goal for, and therefore start an action plan to accomplish it.

Will everything you dream about and put on your vision board become a written goal? Maybe and maybe not. It is completely up to you. The point is to put your dreams out there, what you do with those dreams and how hard you are willing to work at reaching those dreams is completely your decision. You set your own limits.

Making a Vision Board: The How

Okay, so you know why you may want a vision board. Now let’s talk about how to go about making one.

I use simple poster board that you find at the dollar store. You can use any color and size you wish. I chose black because my office is pink and black and I wanted it to match. (Yes, I am crazily detailed like that!)

I went through I don’t know how many magazines and books looking for pictures that represented the things I wanted for my homestead. I cut them all out and made a pile.

vision board materials

Remember these pictures are a representation of your dreams. It’s okay if they are not feasible right now. You can also print pictures off the internet if you can’t find what you are looking for in a book or magazine, Pinterest and Google image search are both great for this task!

Next, start placing all those pictures on your poster board. This is where the creativity comes in. You can put them anywhere you like. Then, you can add stickers, embellishments, glitter, or whatever you choose to decorate your board.

When you feel like you have everything where you want it, start gluing everything to the poster board. Once all the pictures are glued you can decorate any empty spaces however you wish. Use stickers, glitter, whatever inspires you!

Making a Vision Board: Where to Place it

I hang my vision board on the wall in my office so I can look up and be reminded of where I want to be in the future on my homestead. I eventually would like to have it put into a frame covered by a glass because I am very proud of the work I put into it. You can hang it, set it on a shelf, wherever you want. Just make sure it is where you can see it often!

my homestead vision board

Keep in mind this board you created is an inspiration for you. It will remind you of what it is you are working towards. It shows you your dreams and what you want to accomplish so place it in a highly visual space!

Your new vision board will be used to set goals for your homestead. Read How I Plan My 2017 Homestead Goals to see how my vision board was incorporated.

A vision board is an excellent way to start getting inspired to planning your new homestead journey or even reconfigure your current homestead. Be creative, allow yourself to dream. The sky and your creativity are your only limits.

Every homestead needs a vision board! Learn how to design your own vision board step by step today!

Do you have a vision board made? For more information and some great examples of vision boards that were created by others go to Thornbrook Farms, Wooly Moss Roots,  or search for “vision board ideas” on Pinterest.

Learn how to create an amazing vision board for your homestead. Step by step directions to help you create a customized visual plan for all of your homesteading dreams.

Feel free to share your vision board pictures below.

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Bring your homestead dreams to life by creating a unique vision board customized to your homestead.

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  1. After our homestead burned down near Paradise, CA in the Campfire last fall, our children were very distraught. They didn’t believe we would ever get back out to the country again and the city was driving us crazy. We did a family project with vision boards, detailing all the things we wanted on our new homestead. Planning out each project in detail, then finding just the right images to print. They did the work, featuring the things that meant the most to them. Now we know what their priorities are and we can focus on what is meaningful to them straight away, while the contractor builds our new home. Vision boards are amazing!

    1. Author

      I am so sorry about your home! What a great way for you to give yourselves some help though by making those vision boards! They are a great way to see what is possible and what to plan for! Kudos to you for rebuilding and sharing dreams with your children! Best of luck on your new journey!

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