20 Super Informative Homestead Resources

Homestead resources are available everywhere. Sometimes it is hard to filter through them all to find the best information.

Homesteaders use resources for everything. They watch YouTube videos, read blog posts, look at Facebook and Twitter to see what others are doing. We spend countless hours on Pinterest in search of new ideas and projects. Homesteaders attend fairs and festivals. They buy and sell at local farm stands. Some even have their own business to provide an income. Homesteaders use resources and know-how to find what they are looking for.

When I started homesteading I knew nothing.  So I read, and read, and read some more. Then I saved posts, bought books, and filled them with sticky notes and highlighted texts. I even took online classes and watched webinars.  I learned everything I could learn before I started. My new collection of information was so big that I thought my brain would explode!

Now I am sharing some of those homestead resources with you. I have composed a list of resources by type. I hope they will help you find what you may need. This is in no way a complete list, but it is a great start. Especially if you are new to homesteading. I hope you enjoy this.

20 Super Informative Homestead Resources You Need to Know About

All of the links below are current and working links as of January 1, 2017. I will try to update these as often as I can. If you find a broken link or have a suggestion for more homesteading resources, please let me know.

YouTube Channels

  • Grow Your Greens:  This is the most watch gardening channel on YouTube. Join John as he talks about everything gardening! I love this guy and his take on organic gardening!
  • jsfarms2004: This is a family of four that is on a journey of self-reliant living. They have videos on just about everything from gardening and animals to cooking and canning.
  • Becky’s Homestead: Becky is a Florida homesteader that gave up life in the city to start over on a homestead. She has great videos in all areas of homesteading and becoming debt-free.
  • David the Good: This guy is amazing. This man is full of information about permaculture and more while living in the tropics.
  • TexasPrepper2:  Videos on gardening, fruit production, raising poultry, livestock, fish and plenty more!



  • Mother Earth News: This is one of the most extensive and widely known websites for all homesteaders. I could write a post on this website alone.
  • Homestead.org: This site offers a substantial homestead resources library, and if you have great articles they accept submissions.
  • From Scratch: This is a magazine filled with anything homesteading, a thorough site to explore.
  • Self Sufficiency Magazine: Covers green home, gardening, food, recipes, natural health and more.
  • Root Simple: This site has a blog, podcasts, and publications on their site all geared toward homesteading.
  • Corker: This site has plenty of information such as, where to grow vegetables, building your own vegetable garden, what vegetables to grow and tips.


  • The Prairie Homestead: Run by Jill, this blog offers information from general homesteading to self-sufficiency tips.
  • The Elliot Homestead: A blog that gives awesome information including; recipes, videos, homeschooling, meal plans and more.
  • Fresh Eggs Daily:  This site has a very informative blog about chickens, eggs, and ducks, a television show, an Etsy shop… the list goes on and on!
  • The Homesteading Hippy: This site is all about the encouragement to start with where you are. It includes posts on animals, gardening, preparedness, and natural living.
  • Garden Season: This site is everything gardening with very informative and well-written posts.
20 Super Informative Homestead Resources You Need to Know About

These 20 sites should be a great start if you are looking for new information to get started homesteading. There are interesting articles, great to watch videos, and excellent sources of inspiration.

Do you have sites and homestead resources you can share with this list? Tell us your ideas in the comments below and happy homesteading!


  1. Thank you for a very useful post! I’ve shared to my Pinterest page and subscribed to many of the resources you list here!

    1. Author

      Thank you so much for sharing and subscribing! I hope I can be of help in your future homesteading journey!

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