Homestead Privacy Is A Price Worth Paying

The way neighborhoods are designed, it’s difficult to ever be by yourself and find some homestead privacy. Even if you are friends with your neighbors and you trust them, you still don’t want to feel like their eyes are watching you when you’re inside your home or outside in your garden.

We seemed to have lost the value of privacy and as they say, you can’t miss what you don’t have. But you should have the benefit of privacy in your own home. It makes you feel so much freer and at one with yourself. A pressure lifts off your shoulders when you know for absolute certainty, no one can see what you’re doing. 

If homestead privacy is important to you, the simple tips in this post should help you achieve a comfortable level of privacy.

The Evergreen Solution to Homestead Privacy

Evergreen trees have been dubbed as ‘privacy trees’ because they grow tall and dense. These can be planted all around your garden so you have a natural hedge that provides your home with a lot of shade and homestead privacy.

This is great for the rear garden where you want to lie down and or play with the children. The trees will also act as a sound blocking barrier so you can also make a little more noise than normal, and not disturb your neighbors.

But, it’s a lot of green though, so you should break it up by planting a rose bush or two at the corners of the garden. The trees grow tall and strong, so even winds will have trouble swaying them and making gaps in the line. 

Lounging by the pool

So many homeowners hesitate to get a swimming pool because they don’t want to pry eyes to see them naked or wearing skimpy clothing. This is why a pool privacy screen is so popular because it eliminates this worry.

The screen can be set up around the pool, a couple of feet away. The screen is just opaque enough that you cannot see a person on the other side of it, but it allows fresh air to circulate around and into the pool area. These screens will also keep bugs out, which is something that you shouldn’t undervalue, especially during the summer.

The screens are also lightweight, so even elderly people can fix them in place. Because they’re also easy to take apart, you can store the screens very easily in an average-sized garage or pool shed.

When you feel the urge to strip off and go for a dip in the pool, you should never be looking over your shoulder, wondering if you’re being watched. With pool privacy screens, you don’t need to worry.

Sound privacy?

It’s not always about visual homestead privacy, but sound privacy too. When you’re sitting outside in your garden, you don’t want to hear what your neighbors are up to, or if someone is parking their car in a driveway.

That’s why getting a water fountain for your home makes so much sense. This tranquil piece of garden decor, will gently drown out the noises of the world around you and allow you to focus on peace and serenity. 

Final Thoughts on Homestead Privacy

Homestead privacy is never something we should accept losing or compromise about. Instead, plant some evergreens around your gardens, to form a naturally beautiful but very useful privacy barrier around your porch or outdoor living area.

Put up a privacy screen around your pool so you can enjoy a private dip. And why not install a water feature to block some of the external noises that are happening as well. All of these features allow for better homestead privacy.

Tell me what you have done on your homestead to allow for better homestead privacy. Maybe your tips can help someone else!

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