How To Make Sure Your Homestead Offer Is Undeniable

A homestead has always been a dream and you’re ready to realize it. You have the money in place, the property with the land, and the old house is on the market. The only thing which needs to happen is to sell one property and get a bid accepted on another. As you probably know, these are the two most difficult parts of creating a homestead. Do one without the other and there will be financial difficulties and legal disputes to remedy. Hopefully, after reading this you will be able to make a homestead offer they can’t refuse!

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How To Make Sure Your Homestead Offer Is Undeniable



Strategic Attorney


When making a homestead offer you should always at least consult with an attorney. He or she can give you legal advice to protect you. It should be someone who deals with real estate and property preferably.


Not only should the lawyer be someone who knows the ins and outs of the industry, but it’s wise to pick a person with contacts. Real estate lawyers that know the seller’s attorney and have done deals with them before will be able to grease the wheels. This is by no means illegal or dodgy. It merely means there is no unpredictability. Legal experts hate working with “specialists” that are unorganized and lazy. Choosing a team that has a solid reputation might encourage the owner to do business with you rather than another bidder. In their view, there is no reason to take the risk.


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Buyer Demand


One of the rules of bidding on a property and making a homestead offer is to start low and work your way to an affordable number. Although this is an excellent piece of advice, for the most part, it’s not a savvy move if there is a lot of interest in the lot. Anything lower than the average bid will be dismissed out of hand and you’ll be out of the picture. By taking the popularity of the house into consideration, you can tailor the amount to make sure you’re taken seriously. Your lawyer will help as they’ll know the general amounts of the other parties.





No, not the dating site “Plenty of Fish” but “Proof of Funds.” A seller is never going to sign on the line for your homestead offer if they think there is a chance the deal will fall through. Why bother when they can sell to a reputable bidder and avoid the costs and hassle? Most homeowners won’t ask to see your accounts, yet you might want to keep them up to date with your property. Is it selling fast? Is the deal nearly completed? If the answers are yes, then their minds will be at ease and they’ll be no niggling doubts.


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Lots of homesteads have assets such as solar panels and wind turbines and other machinery. Anybody who takes it seriously might have built a big empire without thinking about the long-term consequences. For example, they won’t be able to take the panels with them because of the hassle. Figure out a fair offer and add it on to the cost of the property as a sign of respect for their commitment to the homestead. This can make the homeowner feel as though your homestead offer was made with them in mind too.


Making your homestead offer undeniable is about understanding the circumstances and tailoring your offer.


Making your homestead offer undeniable is about understanding the circumstances and tailoring your offer. Do that and you’ll be in the frame.


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