5 Sought After Homestead Living Destinations

In the hectic lifestyle we live today, the idea of leading a simpler life has become more attractive to many. Homesteading has become a popular lifestyle choice and people from everywhere are looking for the perfect location to start their own self-sufficient lifestyle. 

Luckily, there are plenty of incredible destinations around the world that offer the ideal environment for homesteading enthusiasts to flourish. 

I have researched some of the best locations worldwide that combine natural beauty, community spirit, and fertile land. Without further ado, let’s explore the top 5 sought after living destinations with the best homestead environment possible.

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1. Moore, South Carolina, USA

Moore, a small town in Spartanburg County, offers ample space for those interested in starting their homestead journey. With a temperate climate and an average annual temperature of 61°F, the region provides the perfect conditions for year-round gardening, including cultivating a wide variety of crops.

Moore stands out for its affordable home prices and low cost of living, which is 9.7% lower than the US average. The town’s close-knit community also offers a network of support for new homesteaders. However, it is important to be aware of the potential for hurricanes in the region, which may require additional preparation and planning.


  • Affordable living expenses
  • Fertile soil, ideal for growing various crops
  • Relatively mild climate


  • Limited access to healthcare and other amenities in comparison to larger cities
  • May require adaptation to Southern culture
South Carolina home

2. Tasmania, Australia

An island state off Australia’s south coast, Tasmania offers a pristine environment along with a mild, maritime climate. The region’s rich soils provide fertile ground for crop cultivation, and abundant annual rainfall allows for natural irrigation.

Tasmania is renowned for its organic farming and livestock production. The relatively low land prices and active community of homesteaders make it an attractive destination. However, the region’s colder winters may require additional energy consumption for heating and a longer growing season for some crops.


  • Pristine environment and access to abundant water resources
  • Diverse landscape for different agricultural and livestock needs
  • Strong sense of community


  • Remote location may limit job opportunities
  • Unpredictable weather patterns

3. Cotacachi, Ecuador

Cotacachi, nestled in Ecuador’s Andes Mountains, features a moderate climate that rarely fluctuates, providing ideal growing conditions for various crops. The rich volcanic soil and ample rainfall contribute to the region’s agricultural productivity.

As a multicultural destination, Cotacachi offers diverse lifestyle options and a strong ex-pat community. Land prices and the cost of living are significantly lower than in North America or Europe. However, establishing a homestead in Cotacachi requires legal preparation, as residency and land ownership regulations can be complex for foreigners.


  • Low living costs
  • Fertile soil and mild climate, perfect for crop cultivation
  • Access to local markets and indigenous communities for cultural exchange


  • Fluency in Spanish is required for effective communication
  • Potential culture shock for ex-pats.

4. Normandy, France

Known for its picturesque landscapes and rich history, Normandy boasts fertile soil and a mild climate that supports year-round crop cultivation. Normandy has established itself as an agricultural hub, making it an ideal location for homesteading.

Residents can benefit from France’s healthcare system, as well as the cultural and historic attractions that abound in the region. On the other hand, the cost of land in Normandy can be relatively high, and navigating France’s bureaucracy may prove challenging for ex-pats.


  • Fertile soil for agricultural production
  • Welcoming community and Wide range of cultural and historic attractions
  • Comprehensive healthcare system


  • Expensive land prices compared to other homesteading destinations
  • Language barrier could be a challenge for non-French speakers

5. Nelson, New Zealand

Located on New Zealand’s South Island, Nelson offers a thriving homesteading community, a mild Mediterranean climate, and fertile soil. Besides, it is one of the sunniest regions in the country, ideal for solar energy usage.

Nelson is gaining popularity as a hub for eco-friendly living, attracting homesteaders and permaculturists who prioritize environmental stewardship. The cost of living may be higher compared to other destinations on this list; however, New Zealand’s simple rural zoning regulations streamline the process of establishing a homestead.


  • Abundant sunshine, ideal for solar power
  • Low-impact living options
  • Access to outdoor activities and attractions in the region
  • Strong community of fellow homesteaders


  • High cost of living compared to other homesteading destinations
  • Somewhat isolated from other major cities in New Zealand
Nelson, New Zealand

This list of five top destinations provides an excellent foundation to start any journey toward an enjoyable living situation that guaranteed consistency and prosperity for years to come. It’s empowering when we take control over our lives by creating something special, so if you want to homestead as part of your life plan- as much as I would recommend doing so – these locations are definitely what you should consider first!

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