Homestead Dog: 3 Things To Think About

A homestead dog is probably the best pet you can own. They’re so incredibly affectionate, and they love to show you how much they missed you after a long day home alone. There are so many different breeds too, from a tiny pomeranian to a big husky; there’s plenty of choices!


A lot of families choose to have a lovely dog on their homestead as their pet. This is a fantastic idea as it really makes the place feel like home, and your kids will love it too! However, there are some things you may want to think about if you want to keep a dog with you.

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Homestead Dog: 3 Things To Think About




Build A Protective Barrier Around Your Property


The thing with homesteads is that your house is surrounded by plenty of open spaces. In fact, you probably have a fair few fields around your home that you or your neighbors own. So, one concern is your homestead dog running around these fields like crazy, unsupervised.


Obviously, the benefit of your homestead is that you have loads of outdoor space for your homestead dog to play in. But, you should build a protective barrier around your property to stop them running off into the fields and getting lost. You can get fences that are specifically designed to be dog barriers that prevent your dog from having free reign in all your fields.

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Regular Grooming Is A Must


Even if you own a dog in an inner city apartment, you still need to groom it regularly. However, it becomes even more important when you live on a homestead. Your homestead dog will probably spend a lot of time running around outside, which means it ends up with all kinds of things in its fur.


Generally speaking, you should brush their fur every evening when they’re finished playing for the day. Then, think about dog grooming services that involve washing your pup. Once a month, once every two months maybe, that should probably be enough to keep your dog clean and free from dirt, insects, and any other things that get trapped in their fur on your farm.

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Keep Your Farm Animals Separate


Some dogs respond really well to other animals. But some can be a bit over-excited and animated. In general, I just think it’s best if you keep your farm animals separate from your dog. This stops anything from going wrong and allows your other animals to live in peace.

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If you have chickens, I suggest building a little hut for them to stay in, so your dog doesn’t disrupt them. Or just build a chicken coop with big enough barriers to stop your homestead dog from getting in there. The same goes for animals in your fields. Keep your dog away unless you’re supervising.


The other option is to introduce your homestead dog to your animals slowly and constantly. This way they all get used to each other. Now they can become friends. Eventually, your homestead dog will protect your animals and you and your family.

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It’s definitely possible to keep a dog with you on your homestead. If anything, it’s so much better to live out in the country and have a pet, compared to keeping one in a city home. They have more room to enjoy the fresh outdoors. Just make sure you keep the advice in mind if you’re thinking about a homestead dog.


Having a homestead dog can be rewarding if you follow these 3 things.


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