Weathering The Storm And Other Homestead Disasters

Let’s be honest. Homestead disasters are never good. Our houses are our havens. And, when things go wrong, it can fast ruin our delicate balance of calm. Any homesteader out there knows this. Most have first-hand knowledge to testify.

But, when you run a homestead, issues like these take on a whole new meaning. Far from just being your sanctuary, your homestead is now your income and lifestyle. It’s a self-servicing little part of the world, and everything you are depends on its smooth running. So, you could say that those annoying disasters now have a whole new power. And, you’ll want to avoid them with everything you have.

homestead disasters

Of course, that isn’t always possible. Sometimes, mother nature or her fellow forces make homestead disasters unavoidable. And, aside from spoiling the peace, that could leave your very livelihood crumbling if you aren’t careful.

That’s not to say, of course, that disaster is all doom and gloom. A heavy bout of weather doesn’t have to harm your homestead, for instance. All you need to do is accept the possibility of disaster, and consider how you can weather those storms. And, to help you do that, we’re going to look at a few of the possibilities you may want to prepare for.

homesteading disasters



Weathering The Storm And Other Homestead Disasters


Power outages


No one likes a power outage. After all, we rely on electricity pretty heavily these days. The idea of an evening without television is enough to send fear into most hearts. But, when it comes to your homestead, a power outage could have much more severe consequences. After all, many operations likely rely on electricity supply. As such, an extended cut here could lead to wasted produce and delayed production.


Sadly, while inner-city outages are near enough obsolete, rural areas still fall foul. Isn’t that typical? As such, you can be pretty sure you’ll face an outage like this at some stage during your homestead career. This is one of the most common homestead disasters.

homestead disasters


Consider a generator


So, how can you make sure that outage doesn’t do too much damage? For one, you might want to think about investing in a backup generator. If you rely on fridges and freezers to store your produce, this is well worth the expense. And, a quick search on sites like Craigslist should be enough to find one pretty cheap. With this baby in place, you won’t ever have to worry about losing power again. Bear in mind, though, that you may want to boot it up every now and again to ensure it runs smoothly each time.

Candles and Lanterns

If your homestead is too small to justify that expense, you’ll need to make do with traditional methods. We are, of course, talking about candles and lanterns. Make sure you always have a drawer full of these should the worst happen. After all, you don’t have street lights to brighten the windows. It may also be worth investing in solar powered lights for your barns. That way, your animals aren’t left in the dark when they shouldn’t be.

homesteading disasters


Floods are another significant risk to any home, especially in a rural area. When mother nature does her worst, many homesteaders have to deal with substantial flood damage. And, that’s the last thing you want in your homestead. To some extent, there isn’t much you can do here, other than attempting to waterproof and investing in sandbags.

homestead disasters


Invest in insurance


Aside from that, you should take out an insurance policy which covers the cost of repairs for homestead disasters. That added level of security can go a long way towards easing the sting and getting you back on your feet fast. Even if your insurers try to wiggle out of paying, you can turn to a public adjuster who can fight for the money you’re owed. After searching for your insurer, make sure you turn to companies like Miller Public Adjusters for additional details about services like these.

homestead disasters


Lastly, make sure you have an escape plan for your animals if flooding does occur. Extended periods in deep water could lead to all sorts of health problems for your flocks. And, even a public adjuster would struggle to fight for your veterinary bills.




Snow may seem worlds away in these warm months, but even now, it’s worth considering the chance of stranding when winter rolls around. Your rural property may well have won your heart for its isolation. But, it’s unlikely you’ll feel the same if you’re stranded without supplies the moment the snow hits.


Sadly, it’s not unusual for homestead owners to get stuck for large portions of the year. In fact, many would argue that’s all part of the lifestyle. Forget road grit and city-run shovels. You’ll need to stay put for the long-haul. And, if you aren’t careful, that could mean being unable to supply for your land, animals, and yourselves. This is yet another of the homestead disasters you can prepare for.

homestead disasters


Keeping stocked up


As such, you should take note of this possibility now, and make moves to stock up before the worst happens. That means investing in bulk supplies of animal feed and crop fertilizer. And, of course, you’ll want to stock up on plenty of canned goods to keep yourselves going, too.


The good news is, taking care of your animals ensures you have a fresh supply of eggs and dairy for the duration. But, you’ll go mad if that’s all you have to eat for extended periods. So, start buying extras each time you shop, and build up that pantry cupboard. It’s also worth considering doing some bulk means and putting them in the freezer. These last for around three months so should still be good when winter comes knocking.

homestead disasters


As you can see, few of these are issues you can prevent altogether. If only, right? But, the more preparations you have in place, the less chance there is of such homestead disasters doing damage to your homestead. Of course, these aren’t the only issues. You should also research how to prepare for issues like gas leaks and fires. But, this list should at least get you started in the preparation stakes.


What have you done to be prepare for homestead disasters on your homestead? Tell me about the preparations you have made in the comments below.


Homestead disasters are possible when you are homesteading. Taking precautions and being prepared can help curb the stress related to these disasters.



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