The Lazy Homeowner’s Guide To A Low-Maintenance Abode

A home-owners work is never done, or so many of them would have you believe. If you have to spend hours every week keeping your home in top condition, it might just be that you’re not as savvy as you think. Here, we’re going to look at how to really get lazy with it and create a home that’s much more low-maintenance and likely to last longer without quite as much work from you.




The Lazy Homeowners Guide To A Low-Maintenance Abode




Aim for ease


First thing’s first when choosing a low-maintenance home. Choose surfaces that are much easier to clean. Instead of carpets all over the home, using hardwood floors with simple, machine washable rugs is much easier. All you have to do is dust and wipe. If you’re redesigning the kitchen, aiming for materials like granite is a wise choice. Besides having its own unique appeal, it’s heat resistant, stain resistant, much easier to clean and will resist most kinds of damage. By comparison, wood and glass are much more high maintenance and much more likely to sustain permanent damage. This can make them unsightly.



Fit and simplify


The more nooks and crannies you have in the home, the more awkward spaces you are going to have to clean around. Going back to the kitchen, if you install recessed lights instead of external lighting, you have fewer fixtures to clean. If you get rid of the doors on your cupboards and aim for open shelving, you simplify those as well. Try to think of fitted furniture and fixture options around the whole home This way you have fewer corners and fewer parts of the home that jut out and collect dust and debris. You’re going to be able to pass over them with a simple wipe. And that makes cleaning that much simpler. It also makes for a more low-maintenance home.



Choose resilience


It’s not just about how easy it is to clean different parts of the home, either. It’s also about how well it can withstand the wear and tear of time. We’ve already mentioned how high-quality surfaces like granite can add some longevity to the kitchen by sustaining damage less easily. Look to your roof, too. One of the most common metal roofing questions is how long it lasts compared to other options. You could be looking at a roof that resists weather damage and lasts for up to fifty years, twice the length of more traditional options. When looking at new furniture and fixtures, always ask for the more resilient option. You’re going to save a lot of money on replacements in the long run.



Get minimalist


Minimalism is the key to a home that isn’t constantly demanding a clean. The more furniture and clutter you have, the more places that dust, debris, and mess have to cling to. Minimalist homes aren’t only easier, however, it’s shown they have a real impact on the mental health of the place, making them much less stressful and even easier to light, heat, and cool. Start decluttering or doing a spring clean now. It is one big step towards a low-maintenance home.



If your home is demanding, change it. The tips above can make it much easier to clean, care for, and maintain your abode. Give yourself the luxury of more time.


You can stop stressing and make your home a low-maintenance abode by following these simple steps.


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