Home workspace

The popularity of the remote working model is skyrocketing, with more and more wanting to resign from the traditional 5-to-9 and employers sending their employees home to work virtually. After all, establishing your home workspace has many benefits for both sides, including better work-life balance,  money-saving, and increased productivity andContinue Reading

Upright vacuum cleaner

Vacuum cleaners are the best equipment to use to clean your home. No broom or other tool works as efficiently as a vacuum cleaner. Especially an upright vacuum cleaner. The advanced technology used by this machine ensures to remove even the tiniest of dust particles from the corners of yourContinue Reading

Electricity bill

Are you trying to save on your electricity bill? The cost of living has increased dramatically over the past couple of years. And it is forecasted to only get worse. One of the biggest causes for concern is the increasing energy prices which have resulted in every electricity bill skyrocketing.Continue Reading

eco friendly products images

From plastic pollution, to damage to the ozone layer, Mother Earth is damaged. Now is the time to get serious and start repairing our planet. Using eco-friendly products in your home is a fantastic way to start doing your part. There are so many products available in-stores and online thatContinue Reading

Woman looking at her newly cleaned home

Learn how you can keep your home clean and healthy and save yourself a lot of time and undue stress.A clean home is a healthy home, so if you start with one, the other follows. Whether you use a cleaning service, spend some time in the week cleaning yourself, orContinue Reading

Gift wrapped in brown paper

We live in a time where everything is fast, made quickly, and often broken or put away before the end of the celebration. Hyper-consumerism is just how it appears to be… until recent years.  The last few years have seen the rise of handmade, one-off, personalized gifts and goods. SellersContinue Reading