Woman looking at her newly cleaned home

Learn how you can keep your home clean and healthy and save yourself a lot of time and undue stress.A clean home is a healthy home, so if you start with one, the other follows. Whether you use a cleaning service, spend some time in the week cleaning yourself, orContinue Reading

Gift wrapped in brown paper

We live in a time where everything is fast, made quickly, and often broken or put away before the end of the celebration. Hyper-consumerism is just how it appears to be… until recent years.  The last few years have seen the rise of handmade, one-off, personalized gifts and goods. SellersContinue Reading

Spring cleaning essential tools

When you hear the phrase ‘spring cleaning tasks,’ you may think about shaking out dusty and dirty rugs, wiping down baseboards, and sorting through the surprisingly big accumulation of winter clutter.  While these tasks are important, don’t forget to look at some of the bigger picture spring cleaning tasks thatContinue Reading