Freezer stockpiling is a great way to start prepping on your homestead.

Freezer stockpiling is a great way to prep for homesteaders. It is basically a means of buying whats on sale each week or month and freezing as much as you can for use on a later date.  Freezer stockpiling is similar to stockpiling the pantry. The trick to freezer stockpilingContinue Reading

Roundup of pumpkin recipes from around the web.

Pumpkins are everywhere this time of the year! And with the arrival of all those wonderful fruits (yes, they are a fruit) comes all of the yummy pumpkin recipes that go with them. This post is just some of the tasty recipes I found in my search to add someContinue Reading

almond flour

As more people are turning to healthier and gluten-free ways to eat, almond flour has become more popular as a replacement for white flour. Baking with almond flour, though, can be a confusing endeavor.   I have thrown out many a recipe when using almond flour because I really didn’tContinue Reading

DIY Cleaners for the home that save you money.

I love saving money! Making my own DIY cleaners is one of the ways I save tons of money on my homestead. I never was a fan of all the chemicals in the cleaning products we find in stores. Those chemicals cause health issues in humans and animals. And theyContinue Reading

Memorial day tribute to my Dad

I thought I would take a break from writing the traditional posts that I usually write here on my blog and do a tribute to my Dad.   I spend a lot of time with my Dad, not because I have to but because I choose too. I feel likeContinue Reading

simple asparagus recipes to make last minute

There are thousands of recipes online for asparagus, everything from soup to sides. Sometimes I look for simple and easy recipes with very little steps involved that still produce a yummy side for my dinners. Here are some very simple asparagus recipes for you to try with your family from myContinue Reading