Teenagers are probably a harder creature to negotiate with than a shark: and sharks don’t even speak the same language that we do! However, if there’s one thing that every single teenager across the land has in common, it’s the fact that they want to have a place to goContinue Reading

5 ways to utilize small space better

Living in a tiny house has its advantages. You will hardly ever feel overwhelmed and can save a significant amount of money on heating and electricity. If you are recently retired or just chose to downsize, you will find that making the most out of the available space is aContinue Reading

Boosting your homestead's energy efficiency.

As a homesteader, chances are that you want your homestead’s energy efficiency as efficient as possible so that you can save money.  Saving money is always a plus when homesteading, as money is so important.   There are many ways to be more efficient on your homestead. From energy efficientContinue Reading

Roundup of pumpkin recipes from around the web.

Pumpkins are everywhere this time of the year! And with the arrival of all those wonderful fruits (yes, they are a fruit) comes all of the yummy pumpkin recipes that go with them. This post is just some of the tasty recipes I found in my search to add someContinue Reading

Memorial day tribute to my Dad

I thought I would take a break from writing the traditional posts that I usually write here on my blog and do a tribute to my Dad.   I spend a lot of time with my Dad, not because I have to but because I choose too. I feel likeContinue Reading

simple asparagus recipes to make last minute

There are thousands of recipes online for asparagus, everything from soup to sides. Sometimes I look for simple and easy recipes with very little steps involved that still produce a yummy side for my dinners. Here are some very simple asparagus recipes for you to try with your family from myContinue Reading