outdoor kitchen

Anyone who has a front or backyard knows that there’s nothing better than cooking outside. That explains why barbecues are so popular. Once you get a taste, though, having a simple barbecue doesn’t seem to suffice, though. Outdoor kitchens have taken the design world by storm, and are quickly makingContinue Reading

How To Declutter Your Home Easily

If you’ve lived in your home for a while, chances are that clutter has built up. You are probably living with more items than you actually need. Whether you want to create a more minimalist home or just want to be greener with the items you use, here’s a quickContinue Reading

minimize waste

According to The World Counts, humans throw out over 50 tons of household waste every second. By 2030, the amount of household waste will double to 3,000 million tons annually. To minimize waste you create at home, here are six simple tips to follow.   How to Minimize Waste AtContinue Reading


Everyone needs a hobby. It doesn’t matter how old you are or how busy your life is. Hobbies enable us to learn new skills, connect with like-minded people and can break the ‘work, eat, sleep, repeat the cycle.’ There are plenty of hobbies that you can do right from yourContinue Reading

preserve properly

Preserving food has long been a way to ensure that you stay well-fed throughout the winter months. We might all simply go to the supermarket these days to stock up on foods grown around the world. But when you own a homestead, being able to eat your produce year-round isContinue Reading