How To Make Citrus Zest On Your Homestead

Canning and preserving are important skills to learn on the homestead. Whether it be through dehydrating tomatoes or preserving herbs, there is a way to preserve most everything you harvest on your homestead. Making citrus zest is a great way of preserving those citrus peels for throughout the year. YouContinue Reading

When You Should Use A Professional Cleaner

Cleaning your home is something you’re expected to do as an adult. If you decide that you want to save time and have someone else clean for you, it often means hiring a cleaner from somewhere like this Janitorial Cleaning Kingston company to take care of all your cleaning jobs.  However, itContinue Reading

Homemade Butter

Homemade butter…who doesn’t love it? It is creamy and smooth and spreads on homemade bread so easily. We use it here on my homestead on pancakes, English muffins, mashed potatoes and anything else we can get away with. Did you know you can make homemade butter right in your KitchenAidContinue Reading

coconut oil

Coconut oil has to be the most versatile product on the planet. It is healthy for humans and animals, isn’t expensive, and a little goes a long way. There are some skeptics on using coconut oil daily because some people feel that it is not as beneficial as we think.Continue Reading

outdoor kitchen

Anyone who has a front or backyard knows that there’s nothing better than cooking outside. That explains why barbecues are so popular. Once you get a taste, though, having a simple barbecue doesn’t seem to suffice, though. Outdoor kitchens have taken the design world by storm, and are quickly makingContinue Reading

How To Declutter Your Home Easily

If you’ve lived in your home for a while, chances are that clutter has built up. You are probably living with more items than you actually need. Whether you want to create a more minimalist home or just want to be greener with the items you use, here’s a quickContinue Reading