Awesome Home Tech You Need In Your Life Right Now!

I love technology. I love the way it changes how we do things. And I love how simple it makes many parts of life. There’s so much amazing home tech out there right now. Just look at the device in the palm of your hand for 80% of the day! Smartphones are crazy. The amount of things we can do with them is just insane. However, I’m really interested in and excited about home tech. That’s probably the area of technology that I love the most, and it’s always fun to see new things you can add to the home to just change things.


So, keeping that in mind, I’ve done some research and came up with my list of awesome home tech that you need in your life right this very second. Take a look at all the cool things, and feel free to tell me which one you’d love to have in your home.



Awesome Home Tech You Need In Your Life Right Now!



Smart Plugs

It may sound crazy to hear that I’ve only just learned about smart plugs. I know that’s not something to be proud of when you claim to be a home tech lover, but it’s true. I guess I just didn’t think about them as a product that existed. But they do. Smart plugs will plug into a wall socket and act almost like an extension for your appliances. You plug things into the smart plug, and then it can be controlled by an app on your phone. In theory, you can leave water in your kettle, go out to run some errands, and switch the kettle on when you’re nearly home. You walk in the door, and there’s freshly boiled water ready to make some coffee! As you can see on, there are loads of smart plugs available. They all have different features here and there.


Why do I love this home tech so much?


In my eyes, this is one of those things that can really change your life around the home. You can turn things on or off using an app, which makes so many things easier. Imagine watching TV and then leaving your house without turning it off. Now, instead of wasting loads of energy or being forced to turn around and drive back, you can just switch it off using an app. Plug a fan into a smart plug and turn it on so your room is cool when you get home. The ideas are endless!


Smart Lamps


Who’d have thought I’d ever been sitting at my desk frantically typing away about a lamp that intrigues me. And yet, here we are! While lamps sound boring, a smart one is anything but. As you can see on, there are lamps out there that automatically turn on when the sun sets, and turn off when it rises. You can also use motion technology that means the lamp turns on when people enter the room and turns off when you leave it. Smart lamps are also clever enough to remember certain patterns. So, if it’s used to you coming in at a certain time and being turned on in the evening, it replicates that even when you’re not home.


Why do I love this home tech so much?


For starters, it’s always cool when things turn on/off without you needing to do anything. It’s not particularly amazing or life-changing, but it’s always cool to see it happen. Plus, smart lamps are way better for your energy bill than regular ones. They turn off by themselves, so they’re only in-use when they need to be used! Finally, the feature of turning on when you’re not home is very helpful when you’re on vacation and want to give the illusion that people are home to deter potential burglars.


Robot Vacuum Cleaners


You may not like the idea of a robot coming into your home. But these little vacuum cleaners are nothing to worry about. I’m sure you’ve seen them before. They’ve been around for a strangely long time. When they first came out, they were more of a gimmick than anything else. Nowadays, technology has come on leaps and bounds and they’re actually very useful. One of these robot vacuums can clean up your mess while you put your feet up or do something else entirely! How fantastic!


Why do I love this home tech so much?


Isn’t it obvious? It means you have to do less housework because a little robot can take care of it for you! Seriously, this is genuinely very helpful for people who are often very busy. Just because you haven’t got time to maintain your home, that doesn’t mean your home can’t be maintained. Using a robot vacuum to get rid of dust and dirt on your floors will go a long way to keeping your home in great shape.


Video Doorbells


Video doorbells are a super useful bit of technology for your home. As it explains over on,review-4468.html, a video doorbell lets you see who’s at the door, simple! It connects to an app on your phone that lets you use a camera built into the doorbell so you see who’s come calling. When you think about it, it’s one of the simplest pieces of technology you find in the home. Yet it is arguably the most practical and useful.

Why do I love this home tech so much?


There are two main reasons I love this technology; security and convenience. Having a video doorbell instantly makes your home more secure. The mere sight of it is enough to make criminals stay away from your property. Not only that, but it makes life easier for you. Let’s say you’re out and about and someone’s come to deliver a parcel. They ring the doorbell, and your app fires up and shows you the delivery person. From here, you can talk to them through the app and tell them you’re out and to leave the parcel in a safe place or with a certain neighbor. Now, you’ve avoided the inconvenience of an undelivered parcel!


Precision Cooker


A precision cooker is a device that lets you cook things with ridiculous precision. This allows you to make your meat or fish as tender and juicy as you possibly can. The aim is to give you restaurant style cooking but from the comfort of your home. We’re seeing loads of precision cookers these days that focus on the method of cooking where you vacuum pack something and boil it in water. The tech comes into play as you set the temperature of the water and then choose how you want the thing to be cooked. This puts it on a specific timer, resulting in a delicious treat.

Why do I love this home tech so much?


This brings a whole new element into the kitchen for regular people. It gives you the ability to cook meat and fish without worrying about over or under cooking it. You can take things to a new level, and I love that technology helps you do this.


Smart Locks


Yes, we’ve really reached the stage in humanity when even door locks are becoming smart. A sign that technology is getting a bit too advanced and we should be afraid of a cyborg takeover? Perhaps, but mainly it’s a sign that you can improve your home using cool tech! A smart lock basically adds some more protection to your front or back doors. You can attach it to the door, and then use the device to lock/unlock the door itself. Best of all, this can be controlled by an app in your phone (yes, another app, shock horror!). There’s a detailed review on that lets you see the ins and outs of a smart lock and how it properly works.


Why do I love this home tech so much?


To put it simply, it gets rid of the horrible moment when you’re out and can’t remember if you locked the front door or not. Now, if you ever get into that situation, you can load up the app and see for yourself. If you did forget to lock the door, then you can do it without having anything to worry about. Plus, it stops problems when you’re out and your child is going home but forgot their key in the morning. Instead of you stopping what you’re doing to let them in, you can unlock the door for them, and they can go inside.


It’s cool to look at all this awesome home tech and imagine what your house would be like if you had it all! It’s also so interesting to look ahead and think about what homes may look like in just a few years time. Everything is getting smarter, and that just means we have more gadgets to play with. If you’ve made it this far, comment below with your favorite bit of home tech from this list, and let me know if you’ve got any of these things as well.

You are gonna want these smart home tech gadgets in your home now.


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