What We Learned When We Used Home Staging In Our Illinois Home

So, you’ve decided to stage your home for sale yourself – congratulations! This is a brave decision. It can not only save you money but also give you the freedom to hand-select every detail. This helps to create the perfect environment for buyers. 

Like many homeowners who have gone down this path, we learned a lot when we used home staging in our Illinois home ourselves. In this post, we will share with you all of our insider tips and tricks to make your home staging experience engaging and exciting.

Couple viewing a staged home

The Benefits of DIY Home Staging: Cost Control and Personal Touch

Why engage in the adventurous task of staging your residence personally, rather than leaning on professionals? Two reasons significantly stand out: the control over expenses and the ability to splash your individual impressions all over says I Buy Lombard IL.

Contracting professional stagers and decorators could dent your wallet substantially. Depending upon your home’s spaciousness and its position in the market, your expenditure could range anywhere between $2,000 to $5,000, or even more! Going about it yourself could drastically trim this cost.

But it’s not just about cost-effectiveness, is it? DIY home staging gives you that golden opportunity to dot your space with your individuality. That is something that could be overlooked by professional stagers. 

After all, who else other than you can best accentuate your house’s unique aspects? Isn’t it a universal opinion that “I purchase Lombard IL residences” as they vibrate a personalized sensation from every corner? Now, with this understanding of home buyer options, let’s unearth certain pivotal learnings we accumulated when we decided to steer this journey ourselves.

Tips for DIY Home Staging Success

1. Start With a Thorough Clean and Decluttering

Regardless of how organized you think your home is, there’s bound to be clutter that potential buyers will find distracting. Anything that does not contribute to the desired aesthetic should be removed, stored, or donated depending on its value and usefulness. This includes cleaning out closets, cupboards, and storage areas since interested buyers will want to peek inside those spaces.

Similarly, a clean home appeals more to buyers and indicates that your property has been well maintained. Deep-cleaning your entire house, dusting blinds, washing walls and baseboards, scrubbing tiles and grout, gives potential buyers the impression of a cared-for space they’ll be happy to call their own.

Deep cleaning a house

2. Depersonalize Your Space: Make it Feel Neutral Yet Inviting

A depersonalized space allows prospective buyers to imagine themselves living in the house with their belongings and style preferences. This means removing family photos from walls and tabletops, taking down funky art pieces or unusual decoration items that may polarize viewers, painting over bold wall colors with more neutral tones like white or taupe.

To make your space inviting without being overly personal, consider adding some warmth through textures such as rugs, soft throw pillows on the couches, or plush blankets draped across beds. Additionally, bring in natural elements like plants and flowers or add pops of color through candles or vases with branches.

3. Optimize Furniture Layout: Guide Buyers Through An Ideal Flow

The arrangement of furniture in each room plays a crucial role in how people gauge their experience within your home. Take the time to analyze every room’s layout. This is so it flows smoothly from one area to another without confusion or obstruction. 

Aim to create a focal point in each room that will catch the buyers eyes as they enter the space. For example, in our living room, we rearranged the furniture. This created a more open and welcoming flow for potential buyers entering from the front door. 

By moving our sofas away from the center and closer to the walls, we were able to place a coffee table with magazines and fresh flowers as a focal point. This opened up the space significantly. This simple relocation of objects made our home feel more inviting yet spacious-a real win-win!

Open floor plan

4. Highlight Key Features: Show Off Your Home’s Unique Traits

Every home has unique features that could sway potential buyers—think gourmet kitchens, spacious closets, or cozy fireplaces. However, it’s easy for these standout traits to get lost if your property isn’t staged correctly. 

Ensure that you emphasize what truly differentiates your house by strategically arranging furniture and décor to highlight those appealing aspects.

For instance, if you have an impressive open-concept kitchen with beautiful countertops, add some bowls of brightly colored fruit or eye-catching dishware. 

If you have stunning bay windows overlooking lovely landscaping – make sure you show them off by not blocking their view with furniture or heavy curtains.

Final Thoughts

Home staging our Illinois home was tough but rewarding, equipping us with interior design skills. This personal touch appealed to buyers. Follow these tips, accept feedback, and you too can emphasize your home’s uniqueness, attractive to buyers.

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