10 Essential Home Security Tips to Keep Your Family Safe

The thought of someone breaking into your home is unsettling, to say the least, so what are the best ways to ensure your family and belongings are safe and secure? Here are some essential home security tips to help protect your home and your family.

Secure doors and windows

Entry points to your home such as windows and doors are targeted by burglars. This is particularly true if you make it easy for them by leaving keys in window locks or only having a Yale lock on your front door.

One of the best home security tipsis to consider replacing older locks with five-lever mortice deadlocks on the front and back doors. The door lock replacement cost is worth every penny for your peace of mind. 

Burglar alarm

Install a burglar alarm. Make sure the sounder box is visible on the outside of the property to deter burglars.

Consider investing in professional alarm monitoring. Your alarm will be monitored 24/7 and doesn’t just rely on your vigilance or action. It’s also a better option if you’re regularly away from home, reassuring you that your home is always being monitored. 

Security lights

Another home security tip is to place motion-sensor security lights at entry points to your front and back gardens and in any side alleyways.

Choose a good quality system that will discern between animal and human movement, and a wide coverage range. Be sure all security lights are properly oriented so as not to annoy neighbors or blind drivers. 

Security lights on houses

Internal light timers

Using timers to switch on interior lights, radio or TV is an excellent way to make intruders think the property is occupied or at least to make them unsure enough to deter them. These timers are inexpensive and coupled with asking a neighbor or friend to pop in occasionally will make potential intruders think twice. 


There are a variety of different CCTV cameras that you can use to improve your home security. They can be used externally or inside your home, with wired and wireless options. While you want to protect your home and possessions, try not to point cameras so that they cover shared areas, public footpaths, highways or neighbor’s properties. 

Garden security

Keep your garden secure with high fencing in the back garden, lockable gates, and strategic planting of thorny bushes. Hedges at the front of the property should be kept low to prevent them from being used by potential intruders wishing to avoid being seen. Put a lock on your shed and consider investing in an alarm too. These are all smart home security tips.

Backyard with privacy fencing
Image by Michelle Raponi from Pixabay

Gravel paths and driveways

Put gravel on your garden paths and driveways to make it difficult for people to approach your property without being heard. This has the added benefits of being aesthetically pleasing and an affordable option as a paving material. 

Smart doorbell

A smart doorbell gives you many options for identifying anyone who comes to the front door. Not only will the person’s face be recorded by video cameras but as the homeowner, you will be notified as soon as someone approaches the property. Intruders know this and will avoid approaching the front of the house. Make sure the rear of the property is secure. 

Smart doorbell


This may seem like an odd security tip but it makes a lot of sense. If you buy expensive items for your home and leave the packaging out for the recycling truck you’re advertising what you have in your house to burglars. Only put the packaging out when you know the truck is due or take it to the recycling centre yourself. 

Personal information. 

It’s important to shred any personal documents such as letters, bank statements or bills before discarding them. This prevents identity theft and keeps your personal information safe from unscrupulous hands. Additionally, be careful what you share on social media such as announcing dates of holidays or nights out.

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