How To Tell If Your Home Is Ready For Renovation

Is your home ready for a renovation?

Maintaining your home is a lifelong job; you’ve got a lot of cleaning in your future, even if you’ve decorated your home to be as minimal as possible! And when you’re someone who owns an older home, keeping up with this maintenance can be even trickier.

Indeed, an older home needs an extra firm hand. But how can you tell when to apply it? What’s the difference between a wipe down and actually needing new skirting boards fitted?

Well we’re here to help you answer these kinds of questions. Here are the signs of wear and tear to look out for to decide if your home is ready for renovation. 

House being renovated

When You’re Running Out of Space

Space in the home is the number one reason people turn to renovations. The more space you have, the more comfortable a home tends to feel. And that’s a point of focus for you right now. 

If you’re constantly having to chuck things into drawers and/or rearrange furniture layouts just to fit a new guest or two in, it’s time to either clear out a room and convert it or whack an extension on in pride of place.

Make sure you take this sign to heart early on. You’ll need time and a big budget to tackle a job like this. 

House renovation budget

When Something is Becoming too Expensive to Repair

There are a lot of things in your home that can take its value when they’re left to accumulate wear and tear. But there’s quite a few more things that need tackling before they become too expensive to repair! Such things include the roof, foundation, and windows and doors in your home. 

At a time like this, look into companies like Renewal by Andersen to find a new perfect fit. And then make sure you get it in before any more damage is done.

You don’t want to have to rip out entire sections of your home just to get something small like a crack or chip fixed. And then be left with a similarly astronomical bill for the privilege. 

Roof repair

When Damp and Mold Set in

Damp and mold are two huge problems for homeowners. And when you notice signs of them in any and all rooms, don’t ignore them. Take a moment to either assess the damage or get on the phone to someone who can do it for you. Then clean up and see how far the problem really goes. 

If left to fester, these two problems can result in subsidence and walls falling down, as well as the roof coming off in places. Wet rooms like the bathroom becoming overbearingly smelly.

You don’t want to have to deal with any such problem. So take some time now to fix it and plan a small renovation before you’re forced out of your home altogether. 

Your home is ready for renovation when it stops working for you. Put an action plan together and get things sorted.

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