5 Fun Ways to Spice Up Your Home Office

In the era of COVID-19, more and more people are being asked to work from home. If you were suddenly thrust into this position, your first goal was probably to create a comfortable yet efficient home office. Now that you have settled into this area, you may be looking for ways to add a little pizzaz to the space that you spend so much time. Here are five ways that you can spice up your home office.

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Add Greenery and Natural Elements

Nothing livens up a drab office space quite like the elements of Mother Nature. Start your decorating process by including some greenery in your office. Live plants make the air cleaner and boost your energy. If you do not want to mess with the hassle of live plants, there are many faux options that you can consider to add some greenery to this room.

Fresh flowers also make a fragrant and colorful addition to your home office. Other natural elements to consider incorporating include pinecones, dried leaves, or seashells. The goal is to bring the beauty of the great outdoors into your workspace.

Go Bold on Wall Decor

The first thing that people will notice about your office is wall decor. Do not let this space go to waste. Unlike the rest of your house, you can choose to be a little daring in this personal space that just belongs to you. Do not shy away from adding a massive amount of color or bold patterns to your wall signs.

Other good choices include personalized canvas prints, enlarged photos, or anything that expresses your personal sense of style. Your walls are also a good place to include interesting textures and multi-dimensional pieces. A vision board is a great addition to any home office, giving you a space to hang your favorite quotes, pin new ideas, and more.

home office

Experiment with Lighting

Many people focus on the obvious furniture and decor items while ignoring the effect that lighting may have on your workspace. The lighting in your office can instantly create any mood. For maximum productivity and efficiency, go with bright lighting that inspires you to put your head down and work harder.

A dimming function makes it easy to change the brightness in the room at a switch of a button. In addition to overhead lighting, be sure to add a desk lamp. You can also use the lighting elements as part of the overall style. For example, a unique floor lamp will contribute a bit of style to the room while providing a practical function.

Try a Standing Desk

One of the hottest trends in home office design is the addition of a standing desk. Now that you have the flexibility of working from home, you can use this to your advantage to take control of your health.

Using a standing desk has been shown to reduce back pain and improve posture. You also burn more calories when standing rather than sitting down, helping you to control your weight despite being sedentary for much of the day. With an adjustable model, it is easy to toggle back and forth between the standing and sitting positions.

One of the hottest trends in home office design is the addition of a standing desk. Now that you have the flexibility of working from home, you can use this to your advantage to take control of your health.

Pick a Theme

Many people find that choosing a theme for the office will provide the inspiration that they need to create something truly special. If you are a fan of a particular sports team, your home office is the perfect room to display all of your favorite memorabilia.

If you do not have any particular hobby or passion, consider choosing a specific color palette for your home office. To elevate the style, add striking pops of color throughout the room. The navy and grey color palette is especially popular these days. This works well with a nautical or oceanside theme. Once you have your theme in place, it will be easier to decide on the decor and other essentials to spruce up the space. If you want to know about decorating a home office check out this amazing guide from Land of Rugs

With the flexibility that comes with a home office, you can turn this space into nearly anything that you want it to be. Do not be hesitant to step out of your comfort zone and design an office that you will enjoy working in every day.

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