4 Home Maintenance Tips For Winter

Winter is coming and with it comes colder temperatures. These 4 home maintenance tips for winter will help you become better prepared for the cold season.

Unless you take the necessary precautions, winter can also come with a hike in energy bills and expensive repairs for leaky roofs and frozen pipes. Luckily, by performing some home maintenance you can save money and reduce costs. Here are a few ways to help you stay snug and prepare for the cold months ahead.

Home Maintenance Tips for Winter

Bleed Your Radiators

It is a good idea to bleed your radiators at least once a year, but it is a household task many people tend to forget. Bleeding them in the winter can help them work efficiently and at full capacity. This is one of the most important home maintenance tips for winter.

Not only does this task optimize the way your heating system runs, but it can also help you save money by keeping your home warmer more effectively. Bleeding your radiators prevents air from getting trapped, which stops the heat from spreading throughout the radiator.

If you hear gurgling or if your radiator feels cold in certain spots, you probably need to bleed your radiator.

How to Bleed Your Radiators

Before you bleed your radiator, make sure the heating is turned off. Then set up a container or a cloth to catch water, locate the radiator bleed plug and use the radiator key to open the valve.

Turn the valve until you hear a hissing sound; close the valve once the hissing stops. When you have bled all the radiators in the home, turn on your heating and use the boiler gauge to check the pressure.

Check Your Boiler

In addition to bleeding your radiators, you should do an annual boiler service regularly as low pressure can reduce the efficiency of your boiler. If your boiler is constantly losing pressure, the best thing to do is to consult a professional. GJS Plumbing & Heating Services is a family-run company based in Essex that provides a range of services.

They employ Gas Safe Registered heating engineers who can help you with your plumbing and heating issues. For more information about their services, visit gjsplumbingandheating.co.uk.

If you are looking to replace your combi boiler this year before the real cold months set in, you may want to check out the best combi boilers for 2021 so you get the best choice for your situation.

Clean Your Tumble Dryer Vent

As the months get colder, a lot of households begin to use their tumble dryer more often. Although they are a useful appliance that many households cannot live without, they can also become a hazard and cause fires when not maintained properly.

You can reduce this risk by removing built-up lint from the dryer at least once a year. When you clean your tumble dryer, make sure you empty the lint filter and clean the hose and vent.

 Use these 4 home maintenance tips to prepare your home for the upcoming winter season.

Check Your Gutters

Although the weather can be unpredictable all year round and a rain shower can hit at any time, during the winter months you should anticipate heavier downpours. With increased rainfall, you need to prepare your gutters. If your gutter overflows, a number of nasty scenarios could happen.

A clogged gutter can cause structural damage, and put a strain on your roof which can affect the structure and make it sag. It can even turn to ice which creates complications as it thaws out. Not to mention, if rainwater finds its way into your home, it can cause mold to grow on the walls. Cleaning out the gutter and maintaining them well can reduce these costly risks.

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