Important Home Features All Your Neighbors Wish They Had

Most homeowners are not in the business of making their neighbors jealous. Even so, we would all like to know which home features people in our community find the most desirable. After all, if we ever come to sell our properties, it could be the difference between making the sale and not. 

So what are the home features your neighbors wish they had? Let’s take a look. 

House in neighborhood

Hardwood Flooring

Whenever you step into a premium home, what do you immediately notice? Mostly it is the hardwood flooring. It is dark, solid underfoot, and feels luxurious. In short, it is the best. 

Most homes, however, do not have this feature. They either use carpet (which loses its appeal quickly) or some type of synthetic product, like vinyl or laminate.

Hardwood flooring, however, is the real deal. And it brings with it all the benefits you expect of a natural material. It looks great and helps to elevate entire rooms. It works particularly well in classical properties. 

When you step inside most homes, you immediately notice something awkward – one room does not lead into the other particularly well. Each interior space seems to have its own design language, and it can be jarring. 

Hardwood flooring

Use a Themed Decor

Themed decor gets around the awkward problem mentioned above. Houses that apply this approach tend to address the entire property as a single entity instead of seeing each room separately. This way, every part of the home complements every other, creating a consistent and enjoyable experience throughout. 

There are all sorts of ways you can approach this concept. One is to do what many new homeowners do and make everything the same two colors, for example, grey and white so that it matches. 

If you want to keep things interesting, you could also choose a theme or design language you apply throughout the home. There are countless examples, including tropical, nautical, classical, contemporary, zen, and minimalist. 

Nautical themed room

Efficient Windows are Great Home Features

Your neighbors would like to save money on their heating bills, but many can not because their windows allow heat to escape. On the other hand, you can install energy-efficient solutions and bring your costs down right now. 

Renewal by Andersen says that there are three reasons to choose modern windows. The first is that they are beautiful to look at. Modern manufacturers are getting very good at producing products that conform to traditional style values. 

The second is strength. New windows tend to be highly durable. And finally, maintenance is usually much lower on modern windows compared to their forebears. 

Installing new windows in a home

Dramatic Lighting

Is the lighting in your home a little bland? If so, it could do with an upgrade. Having great lighting is one of the best ways to improve your home features. 

Upgrading your lighting to make it more dramatic is much more straightforward than you might think. For instance, you can usually install recessed lighting around your kitchen cupboards. You can also add colored LEDs to make the lighting experience more enjoyable. While white light is the norm, you can use RGB effects to create moody spaces that give your interiors an entirely different atmosphere. 

recessed lighting

A Carport

Carports are beneficial for two reasons. First, they make it easy to store your car and keep it out of the rain. And secondly, they are generally a lot more attractive than garages, providing another of the beautiful home features as people approach your property. Thus, if you want to make the neighbors jealous, try installing one of these. 


Deck Out Your Basement

The basement is one of the most underutilized rooms in the home, typically used for storage and utilities. It does not have to be this way, though. Nowadays, some companies will come in and create the perfect underground space for you from the ground up. These experts get rid of the blandness and replace it with a room where you actually want to spend your time. 

Your neighbors may wish their basements looked as good. You can take your guests down there for a party to celebrate yet another of your home features. 

remodeled basement

Add a Bathroom or Two

Does your house have ensuite bathrooms for all the bedrooms? If so, you will be the envy of everyone who lives in the surrounding area. While having an ensuite for the master bedroom is common, having them for bedrooms three, four, and five is rare. 

new bathroom

Covered Patio Space

When architects first began adding patios to outdoor spaces, they did not think a great deal about the practicality of the area. Instead, they focused mainly on just adding the option.

Covered patios, therefore, are not all that common. Having one means that you can spend more time outdoors and entertain guests without worrying about the weather. This makes having a covered patio another one of the great home features you can add to your home.

Are you looking to add some curb appeal and maybe more value to your home? Try these tips for home features you can add to your existing home.

Final Thoughts On Home Features

New home features can be added to any home. They can increase not only the curb appeal, but the value of your home also. What home features will you add or have you already added to your home?


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