The Powerful Influence Of A Great Home Exterior

When we think of ‘home redecoration or renovation’ we often think of the interior of our homes. We think about arranging furniture, purchasing new ornaments, perhaps storing old goods in the attic to potentially gain value over the years. We think about replacing that front door or perhaps changing our bathroom into a wet room. As we’re in the midst of Winter, it’s not hard to see why we think in this way. But it’s important to consider that as Spring marches ever towards us, just how limited this vision is.


A home exterior has a powerful, powerful presence over our entire home aesthetic, value and general standing. If the exterior is damaged and ill-maintained, you can be sure that the interior of the home will be less valued. However, as the outdoors, of course, requires more maintenance to upkeep, we can often let this slide more than we might intend. We might start with grass that desperately needs cutting. But then progress to a neglected patio, old rotting furniture left outside, or even debris that desperately needs cleaning.


The powerful influence of a great home exterior on your home is essential. Using professional services such as ProActive Landscaping can help you get a hold on it as the warmer season starts to show its face. However, until then, planning is important to take care of. You might do this in the following ways:


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The Powerful Influence Of A Great Home Exterior




Consider Tree Health


Often we think about the arrangement of trees. Things like if they’ve been pruned well and if the roots could potentially damage our garden or property, depending on how shallow they are to the surface. However, unless there’s a glaring issue quite obvious to see such as deep rot, we can often find ourselves limited in how we approach this. Unfortunately, that’s not great for us in the long run. Hidden damage can sometimes lead to trees falling, or them poisoning the local fauna around the place. All of this could be considered less than ideal, especially when the risk to life or property comes into play.


This is where it’s important to routinely inspect your trees for health. This in many cases will require a specialist tree surgeon to come and inspect what’s there. We’d recommend doing this around once every two or three years. Inspect yourself at least annually. This way you can catch potential problems, and keep your home exterior looking health. Just like the human body, health is the matter that underpins any secondary consideration such as aesthetics or style.



Consider Curb Appeal


Curb appeal not only raises the value of your house but helps your home look positively fantastic. You can influence this in many positive ways. You may consider painting the outdoor mailbox the same color as your window trimmings. You may consider installing an overhead arch to span the length of your garden path to your front door. If you have a particularly long drive, you might plant symmetrical and beautiful trees in order to line the area. It could be that replacing the grass could be your first scenario. Perhaps installing in-theme privacy fencing to help your property seem much more valuable than it might even be.


Curb appeal is often a subjective art form. But if you’re careful and take the time to represent your personality, you will often find it comes with a good final project.



Functional Space & Art


How does the functional space of your home exterior balance with the art it’s hoping to promote? This isn’t always an easy question to answer, but doing so can be more than worthwhile. Might it be that despite having an open space worthy of envy, your garden flower beds are fairly unkempt, out of balance, or relatively unattractive? Might it be that professional landscaping services such as ProActive Landscaping could help you express the colors, shape, and style you hope to promote in your outside space while paying attention to the flow of navigable space, and ensuring the entire environment feels cohesive? A step like this could be considered absolutely essential if you hope to show the full potential of a water fountain, a garden feature, a structure or functional building that’s been hidden away thus far.


Sometimes finding the full value of your home exterior space doesn’t mean adding anything totally new, but maintaining and shaping your current environment in a manner that best compliments your style. This, in the final analysis, is how a garden can influence its home with beauty and charm.


We hope this advice helps you in your future design efforts. Do you have plans for improving your home exterior features? Please share them in the comment box below!


Sometimes finding the full value of your home exterior space doesn’t mean adding anything totally new, but maintaining and shaping your current environment in a manner that best compliments your style.


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  1. If you will be buying anything, make a budget and identify how much you can comfortably spend. Without a budget, you may be tempted to spend more than you can afford because home décor items are very attractive.

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