Home Decorating Tips to Add Personality

A home should be a place of refuge from the rest of the world, a place where you feel comfortable and able to be yourself. In order for this to happen, your home decorating style needs to capture your personality and be a place that both makes you feel at ease and happy to be there. This seems like a lot to ask from a decorating style, but there are some easy home decorating tips that you can start using today. 


One of the biggest things that take up space in a home is the furniture in any given room. Furniture can be a great way to add an accent piece to a room that is still functional. It should be comfortable and meet your needs, but every home needs a stylish sofa also.

One of the best home decorating tips is to use a large comfortable sofa.

If you are a bold person, then you can pick a bold couch. If you like to change up your style often, then picking a neutral couch and adding stylish throw pillows and blankets might be a better option. 

Imagine Every Day

While you are looking for pieces to add to your home, especially the larger pieces, you need to use your imagination. Go to a store and sit on the furniture. Put your phone and bag on the table.

Imagine what it would be like to have this particular item infused into your everyday life. Would it add value? Would it be functional? Would it make you happy? Does it meet all the needs of your life? You have to be able to picture it in your life to see if it will actually be a good fit or not. 

Unique to You

You also want to add items to your home that are unique to you. A great way to do this is by using antiques, collectibles, or artwork to your home. Finding things that reflect your interests and personality will help you to claim the space and make you feel more at home.

A locker is a unique piece of furniture.

These items can also help remind you of happy memories or future plans. Finding the right pieces can really be uplifting and add a sense of comfort and reflection to your home. 


You also want to be mindful of what colors you use in your home. This is another one of the best home decorating tips. Some people like to work mostly in neutral colors with subtle pops of brighter hues selectively around the room. Some people like to keep the colors more muted to help bring a sense of calm into the home. Other people prefer to use lots of bright colors and draw their energy from visual stimulation.

Only you can decide what is going to work best for you. Sometimes adding a fresh coat of paint to the walls can transform a room!

Maximize Space

You can’t truly design a home that feels its best without considering the design of the home. All homes are different, and you need to embrace what your home has to offer.

Utilizing a large window is one of the home decorating tips designers use.

The last of the home decorating tips is if there is an outside area, then take advantage of that. Bigger windows allow for more light, so use that in your decorating. No matter what your home has to offer, work it into your design style.

 Use these simple home decorating tips to make the decor of your home match your style and personality.

Final Thoughts on Home Decorating Tips

Using these simple home decorating tips, you can have the home of your dreams in no time. Are you planning on making some decor changes to your home? Share your tips in the comments below!

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